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Round 9 Match Reports

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Women's Seniors v Whitefriars

Still seeking to truly make their mark on Division Two, the Senior Women’s side shaped up against an impressive Whitefriars side. Despite starting strongly - which had previously been a key area for improvement; the Hawks’ slow starts had cost them against other opposition - the Hawks were unable to hold the lead, and eventually suffered a forty four point loss.

Despite early inside fifty pressure from the opposition, the Hawks were able to hold firm and converted accurately going forward. Hawthorn’s defence held up admirably, with captain Tessa Bodin leading the defensive charge off half back, providing both run and carry going forward and an interruptive force, foiling many of Whitefriars’ scoring attempts. The Hawks managed to finish the half with a slim two point lead.

Whitefriars came out firing in the second half, wrestling back the lead with three unanswered goals. Hawthorn’s midfield was impressive, with Gigi Parker’s ruck efforts a standout, facing a formidable opponent and impressing not only at hitouts, but with her ability to collect the ball and pressure her opponents. The Hawks went into the half-time break down by seventeen points, looking to regain their momentum and clean up their efforts.

This focus was clear in the third term, with a renewed vigour around the contest for all Hawthorn players. Midfield duo Charlotte Miller and Mia Mathias were once again impressive, proving their toughness by putting their heads over the ball, taking the hard hits, and laying impressive tackles all over the ground. On the back of these efforts, the Hawks were able to dart forward and score, making the most of their opportunities and limiting the opposition’s access to the ball.

While Whitefriars were able to score well and put the game to bed in the final term, the Hawks still held on with the grit and determination that has characterised their campaign for the last two years. Usual suspect Emmy Johnson shone; with not only her class, skill, and speed on display, but also her determination and drive to help out her teammates - once again, the vice captain’s hands need to be treated for leather poisoning.

Despite the loss, the Hawks were able to utilise their communication, and can find both positives and areas for improvement in the loss, ready to take on Oakleigh this week and work towards securing themselves a finals berth. 


1.0 1.1 2.2 2.2 (14)


0.4 3.6 5.7 8.10 (58)

GOALS L. Hutchinson, E. Johnson

BEST E. Johnson, T. Bodin, M. Mathias, C. Miller, G. Parker


Men's Thirds v Box Hill North

Fighting off the early morning chill, the Men’s Thirds got warm and cosy with a handy four points, flexing their muscles and proving their place among the top teams of Division Three with a healthy fifteen point win over Box Hill North. With strong team efforts across the field, the Hawks have won three of their last four games, well and truly finding their stride in the back end of the season.

The Hawks started strongly, converting well from their entries inside fifty, and placing significant pressure on the opposition around the ball. With significant defensive efforts from backline stalwart Phil Avery limiting the oppositions ability to convert their own inside fifties to majors, being kept goalless for the quarter. Owen Dumsday was also impressive around the ground, providing attack both on the ball and on the scoreboard.

The Hawks continued well in the second term, with the forward line combination of Serge Moussi and Aaron Downie once again proving to be potent; the pair’s efforts were responsible for more than a third of the team’s goals on the day. The opposition continued to struggle to bridge the gap throughout the term, with Hawthorn giving themselves a healthy nineteen point lead into half time.

The second half continued in Hawthorn’s favour, with an impressive individual performance from Sam Waldron highlighting the Hawks’ ability to win the ball at the source and spread it to the outside players, utilising their skill by foot and speed around the ground. Going into the final break with the highest lead of the game, the Hawks were set up for a strong finish.

The opposition was able to hit back in the last term, doubling their goals to sow some seeds of doubt on the Hawthorn bench. However, the Hawks were able to hold firm and secure the win, with ruck efforts from Liam Campbell integral to the Hawks maintaining their control on the game and holding off the late surge.

Last weekend’s fifteen point win sees Hawthorn sitting at fifth on the ladder, with six games left in the season. An impressive feat in the first season of the Men’s Thirds side, the recent streak of form is coming at the right time for the Hawks to finish the season in good standing and challenge the top contenders. 


3.1 5.5 7.7 8.8 (56)


0.7 1.10 2.13 4.17 (41)

GOALS  Serge Moussi (2), L. Campbell, A. Downie, O. Dumsday, J. Kenny, H. Kothari, N. Raiti

BEST  P. Avery, S. Moussi, A. Downie, O. Dumsday, S. Waldron, L. Campbell


Men’s Reserves v Brunswick

Facing off with the top side is never an easy task, even with the homeground advantage. Starting off strongly, the Men’s Reserves were eventually overwhelmed by Brunswick, suffering a sixty five point loss. Down to nineteen players on the day, the Hawks continued to battle hard in adverse circumstances.

The Hawks made the first term their own from the very first bounce, stifling Brunswick’s ball movement and causing turnovers with their pressure. The Hawks also utilised their run and carry to spread the ball away from the contest and press up the ground. An impressive individual performance from Brodie Johnson - finishing the day with thirty six touches and ten marks - off half back and across the ground buoyed the Hawks’ efforts, allowing them to go into the quarter time break with a lead. 

However, Brunswick were not so easy to dismiss. The opposition side came out fighting in the second term and were able to assert themselves on the contest, scoring five quick goals and limiting the Hawks’ access to the ball. Jarrod McConnell was important at half back, leading the side’s defensive efforts and pressuring the opposition at the source. Brunswick went into the second half with a strong four goal lead, a gap that would prove to be too great for the Hawks to bridge.

The third term became a shoot out, with three goals to Hawthorn and four to Brunswick meaning that the scoreboard gap remained virtually unchanged. Hawthorn’s Will Molloy impressed, dominating the half forward line and being rewarded with an impressive seven contested marks and four goals. However, now down a player and lacking rotations, signs of fatigue were showing from the Hawks, and the side had to dig deep in order to not get steamrolled in the last.

It's a positive sign for a team when their entire starting midfield is named in the best, regardless of the result. With the potent combination of Paddy O’Sullivan, Cal Chisholm, Peter Lehman and Eric Bendsten working together around stoppages, and covering the ground with their admirable workrate, the Hawks proved why they deserve to be in the conversation of finals contention. However, Brunswick was able to pile on a further six goals in the final term to comprehensively win the four points.

Despite the result, there are definitely constructive takeaways from the match; being able to win a quarter against the top side proves the Hawks have the ability, it is just the belief and resilience that needs to come. Head Coach Tim Chapman highlighted the importance of the second half of the year and reasserted his belief in the group; “I still firmly believe this is a special group and we are so close to busting this season wide open.” Coming into the back end of the season, the Hawks currently sit outside of finals contention, but with a strong finish to the season, anything is possible.


3.3 3.5 6.6 7.9 (51)


2.4 7.6 11.10 17.14(116)

GOALS W. Molloy (4), S. Neohoritis, T. Rea, T. Wilkinson

BEST B. Johnston, W. Molloy, C. Chisholm, P. O’Sullivan, P. Lehman, E. Bendtsen, J. McConnell


Men's Seniors v Brunswick

The Senior Men’s side was also facing top of the ladder Brunswick, and showed impressive signs by leading for most of the first half. Capitalising on a strong week at training, and bolstered by some important ins, the Hawks proved their place in Division Two with a strong performance against Brunswick, despite suffering an eventual defeat by seventeen points. 

Kicking against the wind in the first term, the Hawks took a more considered approach to their ball movement, providing silver service inside fifty to the forward line, who were in turn able to capitalise, with centre-half forward Justin Raiti feasting and ending his day with a healthy three goals. In a high scoring first term, Hawthorn was able to finish the quarter with a slim one goal lead.

While the scoring slowed somewhat from both sides in the second term, the Hawks were still able to maintain their lead, with impressive defensive efforts to thank. Caleb Loorham was rock solid, providing grit and strength around the contest, and Eamonn Avery was impressive in his shut down role against the league’s leading goal kicker. The midfield battle continued, and the Hawks maintained their one goal lead going into the main break.

The Hawks continued their strong form in the third term, with their smooth-moving mids Ethan Harvey and Andrew Webb on top all over the ground. However, Brunswick, as one would expect from a top side, was ready to rise to the challenge, and caught the Hawks a little unawares to add six goals to their tally and go up by three goals by three quarter time.

The Hawks were able to stage a fight back in the final term, but unfortunately failed to convert their opportunities into scores, kicking 1.7 for the quarter. James Southby was important in the forward line, providing connection and scoring involvements for the Hawks. Brunswick were able to hold firm, adding two goals of their own to secure the seventeen point victory.

With the end of the home and away season in sight, the Hawks will look to capitalise off the positives of Saturday’s defeat and continue their impressive training stint in order to fly up the ladder and as Head Coach Mark Murray noted the game was “a great starting point for our run towards the finals.”


6.3 8.8 10.12 11.18 (84)


5.3 8.8 10.12 15.11 (101)

GOALS J. Raiti(3), W. Meehan (2), J. Southby, E. Harvey-Cleary, E. McLaren, D. Quattro, J. Loxton, S.Dicintio

BEST C. Loorham, E. Avery, E. Harvey-Cleary, J. Southby, A. Webb, J. Raiti


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