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Round 9 Match Reports

Senior Women v Brunswick

A big ground and gail force winds out at AG Gillon Oval, Brunswick, where the ghosts of the VFA past haunt the grandstands, saw the Senior Women miss the win by the last kick of the day.

Kicking against the wind in the first quarter, Hawthorn nullified the opposition as they began to implement their game plan. Great ball movement out of the backline and forward entries enabled them to settle into a good solid start to the game.

A wind change during the second quarter saw Brunswick beginning to win the ball which resulted in a goal against the wind, and the Hawks’ game plan, team play, and tackling pressure began to slide. Half time couldn't come quick enough.

After a halftime rev up, Hawthorn came out into the third quarter a different team. Their link, defensive, and tackling pressure kept Brunswick to one point and managed two points against the wind, but it was their inside 50s doubling which gave them the opportunities we needed.

It was Hawthorn’s quarter in the fourth, as they continued their linking game. However, the Hawks were still not hitting the score board. With time quickly running out, a Brontempelli kick towards goal in the final stages of the game put us by one. With only seconds left on the clock, a lucky snap at goal saw Brunswick back in the lead when the final siren sounded.

“Although not the result we wanted, the rally of every player after the halftime break was the catalyst needed to bond the team,” said Head Coach, Simon Brownhill.

“Our backline was outstanding, as was our drive through the midfield.

“Another positive was glimpses of our game plan in action and being safe in the knowledge that execution at training will only see these glimpses turn into a game winning vision.”


0.0 1.1 1.1 2.1 (13)


0.0 0.1 0.2 1.2 (8)


Brunswick: L. Palombi, C. Woodhouse Hawthorn: B. Young


Brunswick: D. Hagan, L. Dumitriu, L. Palombi, S. Lampard, C. Woodhouse

Hawthorn: M. Boyd, S. Delbosc, N. Rappos, J. McCartney, A. Crough, B. Young


Women’s Reserve v Brunswick

After coming close to being unable to field a team, the Hawks Women’s Reserves have bounced back with a win away from home in their match against Brunswick.

The Reserves displayed a brilliant game with their ability to gain distance, speed, and tackling pressure. Hawthorn midfielders had their work cut out for them, with the ball spending most of its time in the wing due to the wind.

Though coming into half time without hitting the scoreboard, Hawthorn believed it could still be their game. And it was truly Hawthorn’s quarter in the third, with the Hawks kicking six goals. Tiara Willis was undoubtedly in her element, kicking four of those six goals.

“There was a completely different energy in the room before the game than there had been in previous weeks when we were short of players,” said Reserve’s Coach Michael Clohesy.

“The team lifted and they worked hard. There was massive improvement from a number of players, especially Tara, Jo, and Mel–and a lot of drive from the midfield, particularly from Steph.

“There was a huge effort made by the leadership team to get everybody involved and to get extra players down, which was amazing. And they did it.”


1.0 1.0 1.1 2.1 (13)


0.0 0.0 6.4 6.4 (40)


Brunswick: R. Puche 2 Hawthorn: T. Willis 4, M. Vinall, S. Nicholls


Brunswick: E. Daddow, D. Powell, M. McNeel, L. Sinclair, E. Ryan Hawthorn: J. Guelas, T. Naidu, X. McFarlane, S. Nicholls, T. Willis, K. Camillo


Senior Men v North Brunswick

The Hawthorn Senior Men took home a win last Saturday against the North Brunswick Bulls, closing in on their mission of two wins from their day trip to Allard Park.

Keeping one eye on the Bureau of Metrology website during the latter part of the week, it was evident that conditions were going to impact the game. North Brunswick have had a reasonable start to the year, including a couple of big wins at home against Parkside and Emmaus. The Bulls had started well in both those games, so Hawthorn knew the first quarter would be important to the outcome of the match.

Bootsy got the early win with the toss, followed by a five goal lead in the first term making the most of their front of goal opportunities. Although Hawthorn knew that scoring at the other end was going to be challenging given the conditions, it was then their mission to limit the Bulls from hitting the scoreboard in the second quarter in order to go into the second half with an advantage. The boys executed brilliantly against the wind, limiting the Bulls to just two goals in the second quarter, giving Hawthorn a three goal lead at the half.

Hawthorn thought if they could achieve over three goals in the third term, they could just about ice the game. To North Brunswick's credit, they scrapped really well, slowed the game down, and prevented the Hawks from scoring freely. The Bulls are a very good contested-ball side, and they played to this strength in the third quarter.

Despite having the ball in the Hawthorn forward half for what seemed like 95% of the quarter, they were limited to two goals. Hawthorn also lost two of their midfielders to game ending injuries, so despite the 5-goal lead from the third quarter, the Bulls had some life about them.

Early in the final quarter, North Brunswick missed a few gettable shots that could have made it an interesting finish. From there, Hawthorn were methodical in closing out the game. The backline was outstanding in shutting down their attack and repelling entries. They were able to get the ball forward and keep it there for patches which opened a few scoring opportunities. Hawthorn outscored the Bulls against the wind to bring home a six goal win.

A number of outstanding individual efforts on the day, but particular mentions to Bootsy and Crule who, despite both battling the flu during the week, got themselves up for the game. The coaches also extend a mention of outstanding efforts to their injured players who doubled-up on duties: Baby face, Dimma, Jack. As well as a mention to Hawthorn Vice-President Pat ‘Pud’ Clancey who ran boundary for the Dons, then ran messages for the Seniors. Hawthorn were stretched really thin on helpers this week, so the club really appreciate the volunteers for putting their hands up.

“We've been building consistency over the past few weeks, and it's nice to get some reward for that effort,” said Men’s Senior Assistant Coach Zac Jardine.We've played 46 players through the Seniors in the first half of the season, which is incredible. The top four sides are averaging 33. If we can get anywhere near that number on the backend of the year, we're going to be a real threat. It's very much in our hands.”


1.0 3.3 3.3 4.8 (32)


6.3 6.3 8.6 10.8 (68)


North Brunswick: S. Willatt 2, J. Horwood, D. Ross

Hawthorn: J. Raiti 3, L. Piccolo 3, C. Rule 2, W. Meehan, D. Johnston


North Brunswick: J. Horwood, H. Wilson, S. Willatt, M. Watt, D. Ross, L. Russell

Hawthorn: E. Avery, J. Betlehem, C. Rule, J. Raiti, L. Piccolo, C. Allum


Men’s Reserve v North Brunswick

Last Saturday saw Hawthorn take on the North Brunswick Bulls in a game that would either make or break their season.

The Men’s Reserves, the ‘Dons’, were eager to make amends after a brave loss last week. Confidence was high coming into this match, with the team bolstered with some big ins this week with past club captain Trav Whittle making the trip interstate, and Josh and Moo joining from the Seniors.

It was a game of two halves: the first half was closely contested with stoppage after stoppage. Cowland was a bull in the engine room that never seemed to get tired, and Phil was solid in the backline; he consistently marked the Sherrin whenever it moved down back and kept the Hawks in the game. Phil had demanded to be played in the forward line in the first quarter, kicking a goal in the first minute, only to pull a hamstring immediately after. Reserves’ Coach Rick Gheller had joked that he will never be allowing Phil move to forward again.

Hawthorn went into the half time break with their heads low, only trailing by a couple of minors.

Back in the rooms, Gheller was quick to pull the boys in. He got down on one knee to emphasise his key message: that everyone on the Hawks side was equal, that they were one side and must work together if they wanted to get the win.

It was fair to say that Hawthorn surged into the second half with a completely different energy. The boys responded and moved the ball quickly with confidence and delivered the ball perfectly to big Heni, who was huge up forward, booting three in the third term to tip the game heavily in Hawthorn’s favour.

Against the wind in the last, Hawthorn held strong and responded with intensity to keep their dominant margin and come away victorious. Overall, it was a strong performance that the Dons will be looking to replicate at their next game back at the ‘Nest’ against Parkside.


2.6 2.6 3.7 5.9 (39)


2.4 2.4 8.10 9.14 (68)


North Brunswick: J. Knape, L. Conventry-Poole, L. Freer, C. Tripodi, J. McDonald

Hawthorn: H. Kothari 3, S. Moussi 2, M. Lindrea, J. Davoren, P. Avery, J. Farah


North Brunswick: O. Lang, L. Coventry-Poole, J. Koroneos, S. Scorse, R. Marson, C. Tripodi

Hawthorn: M. Butta, J. Davoren, R. Brennan, P. Avery, H. Kothari, M. Tanis


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