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Round 7 Match Reports

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Women v Old Brighton

Still yet to notch up a win in the new division, the Hawks looked to a difficult opposition in Old Brighton. While it proved to not be the Hawks’ day, there were plenty of positives to be found for a team continuing to find its feet and beginning to hit its stride.

The first term displayed some impressive flowing ball movement that characterises Hawthorn’s game style. There must be something in the Peruvian air that agrees with defender Tess Bodin, because she was on fire in her return, providing much needed experience and calm to a Hawthorn backline that has been battered week in and week out. The combination of Bodin and Kanini-Parsons in the backline was a thing of beauty, working together to withstand attack after attack.

In the second term, it was the forwards’ turn to prove their worth, with Bree Gill’s footy smarts and goal sense on full display, scoring for the Hawks and setting up other scores.

As they have done all year, the Hawks touted an incredibly impressive midfield, with Alex “Dirty” Crough and Emmy Johnson (who is overdue for an impressive nickname, by the way), not only impressing in the centre of the ground, but everywhere. Their workrate, as usual, was astronomical, and their commitment, skill, and speed were unmatched.

In the final term, the Hawks continued to battle it out, with Emily Roos impressive off of half back, her strength and ferocity on full display.

Despite being unable to bring home the chocolates, the Hawks can look at the positives from the match, adapt what needs to be adapted, and look to this weekend, where they will battle with Old Geelong at Como Park. Women’s Senior Coach Simon Brownhill is positive that the Hawks can pull together a string of form coming into the later half of the season.


0.2. 1.2. 2.2 2.2 (14)


1.2 . . 10.10 (70)

GOALS B. Gill, L. Castleden

BEST B. Gill, T. Bodin, C. Kanini-Parsons, A. Crough, E. Johnson, E. Roos


Men’s Seniors v La Trobe University

After coming off the highly anticipated top of the table clash second best, the Hawks looked to rebound last weekend and place themselves back on the winners’ list. This goal proved to be achievable against La Trobe, with the Hawks having the game well in their control from the opening bounce.

In the first quarter, the Hawks were keen to flex their muscles and prove their worth as a top two side, with a strong defensive performance from Eamonn Avery working to hold La Trobe scoreless for the quarter. This control allowed for the Hawthorn forwards to have a good old-fashioned day out in front of the big sticks, the dangerous duo of Billy Meehan and Justin Raiti ending the day with five goals apiece.

Throughout the second quarter, La Trobe was able to battle their way back into the contest, but they were unable to provide anything more than momentary turbulence for Hawks Airlines, who flew out to clear skies, going into the half time break with a comfortable forty-one point lead.

The inflight movie for this week was the Ethan Special (working on the trademark for this one), with the midfield combo of Ethan McLaren and Ethan Harvey putting on a show, with their pressure acts, footy IQ, and skills on full display.

Further owning the footy in the final quarter, the Hawks won comfortably, asserting themselves as some of the best Division 3 has to offer, and setting them up to continue their form against Swinburne University this week. The Hawks will take on Swinburne at St James Park, and will look to fly into first place.


5.4 8.7 11.10 16.12 (108)


0.0 2.2 5.3 6.8 (44)

GOALS W. Meehan 5, J. Raiti 5, S Peet 2, H. Lewis, X. Bryham, C. Lee, J. Southby

BEST E. Harvey, E. Avery, J. Raiti, W. Meehan, E. McLaren


Men's Reserves v La Trobe University

After a tough loss last week, the Hawks were searching to end their losing streak and shake up the competition. In a game where the club president took to the field, the Hawks were able to do just that.

The Hawks were hungry from the first siren, hunting the footy with desperation and energy. Despite going into the first quarter time break a goal down, the Hawks did not drop their heads as they have in weeks past, and instead rallied around each other, maintained their competitive edge, and kept fighting.

Midfield efforts from Luke Huber and Harris Sudholz heralded in a second term where the Hawks were able to regain control of the footy and soar past La Trobe to gain the lead, which they would be able to maintain for the rest of the match. This bolstered confidence meant the Hawks went into halftime as a happy team.

It was the third term where the Hawks really spread their wings, however. The pressure was so high it broke the gauge, the hunt was relentless, and the teamwork was sensational. If the Senior Men’s treated us to the forward line Dynamic Duo and an Ethan Special, the Reserves were keen to present their own powerful pair; the Chisholm Show. With brothers Callum and Declan Chisholm combining as a lethal combo; owning the footy both in the midfield, and putting on a show in the forward line; with Declan booting four goals in five minutes to effectively put the opposition to bed.

Despite letting go of the throttle just slightly in the last term, the Hawks were still able to pile on four more goals thanks to forward half efforts from Matt Tanis, and finish the match as forty seven point victors.

Back on the winners list, the Hawks will be keen to capitalise on the many positives that have come out of the victory, with Reserves Head Coach Tim Chapman swelling with pride, he asserted that “we played like a real team, felt like a real team and sounded like a real team,”. The Hawks will take on Swinburne University at St James Park this week, looking to continue to build on this form.


1.3 3.6 8.12 12.13 (85)


2.2 2.4 3.4 5.8 (38)

GOALS D. Chisholm 4, J. Farah 3, N. Fry 2, S. Moussi

BEST L. Huber, H. Sudholz, C. Chisholm, D. Chisholm, M. Tanis


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