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Round 5 Match Reports

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Men’s Seniors v Wattle Park

On Saturday, the Hawks looked to continue their successful start to the season and maintain their winning streak. Facing a quality side in Wattle Park, this ambition would be tested. But, as they have done all season, the Hawks held firm and emerged victorious.

In the first term, Wattle Park started strongly, but so did Hawthorn. Having impressed with his efforts in the reserves for the first four rounds, Theo “The Bont” Ktenas was called up into the seniors and, once again, did his namesake proud, looking perfectly comfortable in the Hawks’ half-back line. With the Hawks going into the quarter-time break seven points down, the match was shaping up to be a gripping contest.

In the second quarter, the Hawks were able to gain more control of the contest and put their stamp on the match, with the forwards putting their stamp on the match; with Billy Meehan having a day out in front of goal and ending the match with a bag of four. The defence, too, held firm, and this led to the Hawks going into halftime with the scores tied.

Throughout the third term, it seemed like Wattle Park had the upper hand, kicking five goals to stretch the lead to a game-high eighteen points. However, Hawthorn forwards like Justin Raiti (in game 100, putting on a clinic as he has for the 99 games previous) also got to work, ensuring that the gap was not too great.

In the final term, the Hawks played like their season was on the line, booting five goals, and holding their opponents goalless to run out victorious by thirteen points. Once again, midfielder Ethan Harvey was excellent, and half-back Luke McLeod was instrumental.

However, this game was not won only by individual efforts; with nine individual goal scorers indicative of a full team, four quarter effort. With confidence building, the Hawks will return to the Nest this week, and take on Elsternwick. This means the two top teams will be battling it out for superiority on the Hawks’ home turf; with the Hawks in full flight and Elsternwick fresh off their own win, this is shaping up to be the match of the season. Will Elsternwick delay Hawks Airlines or will we pull through the turbulence and soar to clearer skies? Buckle in, folks.


4.3. 7.6. 9.7 14.12 (96)


5.4 6.2 11.13 11.17 (83)

GOALS W. Meehan 4, J. Southby 2, J. Raiti 2, E. McLaren, C. Boots, J. Wilson, L. McLeod, N. Fry, J. Betlehem

BEST T. Ktenas, J. Raiti, W. Meehan, L. McLeod, E. Harvey


Men’s Reserves v Wattle Park

Going up against Wattle Park, the Men’s Reserves were keen to notch up a win after a rocky start to the season. However, Wattle Park seemed determined to foil this dream.

The first quarter started off relatively evenly, with the Hawks' trademarked pressure and fast ball movement on full display. The impressive combination of Jack Kenny and Nick Martin was dynamic in the centre of the ground, and debutant Harris Sudholz impressing off half-back in his first match for the brown and gold. Going into the first break just one point down, the match seemed to be an even contest.

The second term started out similarly, with the Hawks maintaining their tackling pressure, owning the clearances, and having repeat inside fifties. Unfortunately, it was here where the metaphorical wheels began to fall off. The Hawks were unable to convert their efforts into goals, kicking five behinds to the opposition’s five goals. Once again, Phil Avery was instrumental down back and Ben Tekin’s presence in the midfield was enormous.

The Hawks’ woes continued in the third term, with the team lacking confidence and allowing Wattle Park to own the footy and dominate play. The defence stood strong, but were unable to repel them completely, and Wattle Park managed to add damage to the tune of forty points to the scoreboard, placing victory firmly outside of Hawthorn’s reach.

The Hawks were able to lift in the final term, taking a game high five marks inside fifty and converting this to two goals, with forwards such as Henil Kothari leading this late surge for the Hawks and proving that effort and attitude are instrumental in how a game of footy ends.

Despite being unable to get the win, Reserves Coach Tim Chapman acknowledges that there are positives and negatives to every match, and notes that this group has significant talent. Talent that, when the consistency in effort is present, will shine; right now, the key factor in this group is belief - as Chapman said “When the chips are down, we must stay strong and believe we can turn it around.”. This week, the Hawks take on Elsternwick from the Nest, and will seek to find that belief and steady their season and add another win to their roster.


1.2 1.7 2.7 4.11 (35)


1.3 6.6 12.10 17.13 (155)

GOALS H. Kothari 2, J. Farah, C. Chisholm

BEST J. Kenny, N. Martin, P. Avery, H. Kothari, B. Tekin


Women’s Seniors v Old Camberwell

For their second game in the new division, the Hawks looked to announce their arrival with a win. However, Old Camberwell proved to be formidable opposition intent on spoiling the Hawks’ hopes.

The first quarter announced what would be an intense midfield battle, with ruckman Alana Sarec’s connection with livewire midfielder Emmy Johnson a thing of beauty. As has been the case all year, the Hawks defence withstood immense pressure and battled away to try and limit Camberwell’s scoreboard influence. Their defensive efforts were enough that Camberwell were only able to kick one goal from six scoring shots.

The second term was characterised by the impressive run and pressure of outside midfielder Alex “Dirty” Crough, whose sliding tackle effort through the mud pit of a centre circle gave her nickname a much more literal meaning. The Hawks maintained their pressure and discipline when the game turned spiteful, supporting each other through each and every contest.

While the third term spelled more scoreboard troubles for the Hawks, and they seemed unable to deliver the ball successfully inside fifty, run and carry efforts from Joelly Firmin and Zoe Uwland promised a bright future developing at the Hawks.

The final term was the Hawks’ best, with surprising utility Ash Miller trading the defensive pocket for the offensive one, and setting up two scoring shots, including the Hawks’ only goal to Claire Murray. The ability to provide the missing connection going inside fifty illustrated the Hawks’ preferred style of flowing game-play.

Despite being unable to secure a victory yet in the new division, with time to develop group synergy, and work on correcting simple skill errors, the Hawks will prove to be a formidable force in Division One. Coach Simon Brownhill looks to the future as this game plan and chemistry continues to develop. This week, the Hawks will take on the Hampton Rovers at Castlefield Reserve, and seek to notch up a win.


0.0 0.0 0.0 1.1 (7)


1.5 5.7 9.9 12.12 (84)

GOALS C. Murray

BEST C. Murray, A. Sarec, Z. Uwland, A. Crough, E. Johnson, J. Firmin


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