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Round 4 Match Reports

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Men’s Seniors v Richmond Central

With the rain pouring down, the Hawks were ready to fly during Wings Round. Facing their neighbours, Richmond Central, the Senior Men's team brought the heat from the first siren, keen to put on an impressive display for those who gathered for the Wings Round.

The first term was characterised by the Hawks’ trademark fast ball movement and ability to maintain possession, effectively locking the ball in their forward half and maintaining possession; with Noah Fry’s tenacity and unselfishness across the ground illustrating the Hawks’ commitment. However, the Hawks were a little wasteful when entering the forward fifty, and this lack of reward for effort allowed Richmond Central to stay in the game.

In the second quarter, the Hawks continued their dominant control over the ball, and cleaned up their deliveries inside fifty. This, paired with strong clearance work from the likes of Ethan Harvey and James Betlehem in the centre of the ground, set the Hawks up going forward, as well as greater accuracy in front of goal. Despite this, the Hawks only led by thirteen points going into half-time.

The third term was the Hawks’ term, with the backline, despite being under pressure, holding themselves up to keep Richmond goalless, with strong defensive marks to Josh Wain and intercepts across the ground allowing the Hawks to turn up the heat and control the game. Despite some mistakes late in the quarter, the Hawks’ pressure on the ball, smothering and continuous efforts was enough to set them up for a barnstorming finish.

In a final quarter where tensions seemed set to boil over, the Hawks maintained their professionalism and control over the game, effectively owning the footy and piling on six goals in a comprehensive win. These goals were the result of the Great Wall of Hawthorn (the half-back line) which, as the quarter went on, proved impossible for the Snakes to slither through, and was instrumental in Hawthorn’s win.

The Hawks were not content to simply win, however, and maintained their efforts right up until the final siren, always striving to go forwards. Senior Coach Mark Murray is very happy with this four quarter effort, saying “things are coming together nicely”. The Hawks will look to the future, buoyed by the promise of even more improvement and glory. As Coach Murray said, “ It’s an exciting place to be around,” so book your seats on Hawks Airline, put your tray in the upright position, and buckle in. This flight is shaping up to be one to remember.


3.3. 8.6. 10.7 16.11 (107)


2.0 6.3 6.7 7.8 (50)

GOALS W. Meehan 3, J. Raiti 3, E. Harvey 3, N. Fry 2, H. Lewis, E. McLaren, S. Dicintio, X. Bryham, J. Southby

BEST J. Betlehem, N. Fry, L. McLeod, E. Harvey, J. Wain


Men’s Reserves v Richmond Central

Playing the opener for Wings round, the Men’s Reserves side were keen to record another win for Season 2023. However, it seemed the weather - and, more importantly, Richmond Central - had other ideas.

In the first quarter, the Hawks struggled to adjust to the rainy conditions, relying on handballs, which led to costly errors against a side who were ready to pounce and proved to be deadly in front of goal. In a game that was predominantly played between the two arcs, these early goals proved costly; giving Richmond a lead that the Hawks were unable to reach. Goals are worth their weight in gold in wet weather footy, and the Hawks only notched one major for the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the Hawks were now well adjusted to the conditions, spreading into space and moving the ball with pace. They were also able to match Richmond’s inside fifty count, off the back of hard work from the midfield; Liam Clancey’s communication and Nick Martin’s pace proved to be an elite combination, providing the team with a much needed lift; however, this lift was not reflected on the scoreboard.

The rain had cleared for the second half, and the Hawks were once again ready to lift and challenge Richmond. For the first part of the third term, the Hawks owned the footy, buoyed by efforts from Tom Hartson, whose hardness and courage attacking the ball allowed the Hawks to notch up three majors. However, despite being more dangerous on the scoreboard, the Hawks struggled to clear the defensive fifty, allowing Richmond to once again kick several goals clear.

In the final term, the game slowed down for both sides, with only two goals scored (both to Richmond). However, the tackling pressure of Cal Chisholm and footy smarts of Theo “the Bont” Ktnes (a moniker that gains more and more credence every week) were on full display, allowing the Hawks to fight it out until the final siren.

Reserves Head Coach Tim Chapman noted that while there were definitely positives, it was the Hawks’ inability to maintain their effort for the full four quarters that cost them, and while expressing disappointment that the Hawks weren’t able to rise to the occasion of the Wings Round, they will look to build on their strengths, because “The only type of bad loss is a loss we don’t learn from,”. With this in mind, the Reserves will look toward round 5, where they will take on Wattle Park.


1.1 2.2 5.4 5.5 (35)


3.6 5.7 10.9 12.15 (87)

GOALS J. Farah 2, S. Neohoritis 2, H. Kothari 1

BEST C. Chisholm, T. Ktnes, T. Hartson, N. Martin, L. Clancey


Women’s Seniors v Old Melburnians

As the final match of Wings Round, and the Hawks’ first game in a new division, the team was keen to notch up a win. However, the bitter weather and the Old Melburnians stood in the Hawks’ way.

From the get-go, the Hawks were under massive pressure from a side that seemed to have a point to prove. As usual, Charlotte “Panini” Kanini-Parsons was a stalwart down back, her superior strength, courage and toughness on full display, and, with the assistance of the other defenders, the Hawks were able to withstand the onslaught and enter the quarter time break only three goals down. Joelly Firmin kicked her first goal of Season 2023 for the brown and gold, and remained an influential figure for the Hawks all afternoon.

In the second term, the Hawks midfield really got to work, with Rachel Urquhart’s attack on the contest inspiring, and Emmy Johnson proving her worth as both an inside and outside player, scoring a beautiful goal from a breakaway run from stoppage. In the wet, her skillfulness proved even more impressive, paired with the toughness of fellow midfielder Charlotte Miller, providing an ominous premonition for the clubs the Hawks will make in the future.

The third term saw the return of the rain, falling heavier than it had all day. The Hawks continued to battle it out against a strong opponent, with half backs Kayla Smith and Emily Roos providing strength, speed and daring. Despite this, the Old Melburnians had the game totally within their control, overwhelming the Hawks and piling on another three goals to put victory firmly out of Hawthorn’s reach.

The final term saw more strong defensive work and showed positive signs for a midfield that is beginning to find its feet and develop a really exciting chemistry.

Senior Coach Simon Brownhill is proud of the group’s development and believes the Hawks are shaping up to become very competitive in the back half of the year, where the Hawks game plan will be cemented into the playing group.


1.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 (12)


4.0 6.1 9.3 11.8 (74)

GOALS E. Johnson, J. Firmin

BEST K. Smith, R. Urquhart, E. Roos, E. Johnson, J. Firmin, C. Kanini-Parsons


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