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Round 4 Match Reports

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Women's Seniors v St Mary's Salesian

Looking to redeem themselves after a hard loss to Powerhouse last week, the Hawks shaped up against St Mary’s Salesian this past Saturday, proving their worth in Division Two with a comprehensive win. Hawthorn was on top from the first bounce, winning the ball all over the ground, and were able to capitalise by effectively locking the ball into their forward half.

Starting the game amidst the fog and chill, the Hawks were looking to - literally and figuratively - heat things up a bit, and they were able to do just that, winning the ball out of the contest and pushing forward. The Hawks were able to capitalise on this midfield effort, though St Mary’s was able to keep themselves in the game with a quick entry inside fifty that caught the Hawthorn defenders off-side. Emmy Johnson was once again impressive, dashing off half back, busting open packs, and even coolly slotting a goal from up against the boundary, deep in the pocket.

The second quarter became a battle of the midfields, with much of the footy being played in between the arcs. Hawthorn’s two key rucks, Mia Mathias and Gigi Parker, were exceptional, utilising both their strength and their speed to exert their influence all over the ground. These efforts saw the Hawks able to sneak forward and score to go into the main break with the game well and truly in their control.

Hawthorn really put the pedal to the floor in the third term, kicking three goals and effectively owning the footy. Both forward pockets, Mel Jolley and Rachel Rees were on fire, having grown significantly in confidence since the beginning of the season, they were both effective around stoppages and helped to create the many shots on goal the Hawks had throughout the term. 

The final quarter once again became a bit of a scrap heap, with the ball hitting the deck hard and fast. While the Hawks had already clinched the victory, they fought right until the final siren to ensure that St Mary’s wouldn’t score another goal. Half-back turned half-forward Tessa Bodin was slick around the contest all day, working to break lines and drive the ball forward for the Hawks.

Overall, the Hawks were able to play much of the game in their style; with slick handballs, running support and accurate kicks, slicing open the opposition and eventually having a commanding victory. Head Coach Aaron Miller praised the team’s efforts, particularly the effort and attack on the ball. This weekend, the Hawks will face Old Trinity at home, and with both sides having recorded two wins and two losses, this will be an interesting test for the rebuilding Hawthorn side.


2.4 3.5 6.13 7.16 (58)


1.0 1.0 1.0 1.1 (7)

GOALS L. Castleden (2), E. Johnson (2), B. Gill, T. Bodin, J. Firmin

BEST E. Johnson, T. Bodin, M. Mathias, R. Rees, M. Jolley, G. Parker


Men's Thirds v Whitefriars

After a sizeable win against Canterbury last week, the Men’s Thirds shaped up against Whitefriars, intent on collecting the four points and climbing the ladder. However, Whitefriars had other plans, and were able to stop the Hawks in their tracks; with Hawthorn suffering an eventual 22 point deficit. 

As the first term started, the early morning chill was still in the air. However, both teams were quick to shake off the chill and get to work. The game started out on even footing, with just nine points separating the teams at quarter time. Serge Moussi and Liam Clancey were impressive, using their footy smarts to spread the ball from the contest and deliver it forward.

The second quarter continued in much the same fashion, with both sides adding two goals to the tally - however, it would seem that the early lead Whitefriars had managed would end up being too much for the Hawks to breach, always staying just a few straight kicks behind. Louis Howcroft and Pete Siorovingas were both instrumental dashing off half back, providing both run and intercept marking ability to Hawthorn’s defensive line. The teams entered the main break with just ten points between them.

Throughout the third term, the teams were once again quite evenly matched, each scoring just the one major. However, as the term continued, the tide began to turn in Whitefriars’ favour. Troy McMaster was exceptional, hitting the scoreboard and having an impact all over the ground to keep the Hawks in the contest.

In the final quarter, Whitefriars were able to put the game to bed, kicking three goals clear of the Hawks. However, players like Will Molloy were still important for Hawthorn, whose strength and goal scoring ability was important up forward for the Hawks.

While the Hawks were unable to get the chocolates on this occasion, they still displayed impressive signs throughout the game that the side can use to build upon and ensure more victories as the season continues to develop.


2.0 4.1. 5.1 6.3 (39)


3.3 5.5 6.7 9.7 (61)

GOALS J. Richardson (2), W. Molloy, H. Huber, T. McMaster, D. Biddle

BEST T. McMaster, W. Molloy, L. Howcroft, L. Clancey, P. Siorovingas, S. Moussi


Men’s Reserves v Bulleen-Templestow

Still seeking to truly announce themselves in the new division, the Men’s Reserves put on an impressive display against Bulleen-Templestowe, showing off to the supporters at the Nest with a monstrous 150 point win. A true team win, the Hawks had contributors from all over the ground and used their skill, fitness, and connection to their advantage.

While the Hawks started off a little slowly, they found their feet quickly in the first term and were able to score quickly, utilising the likes of Dan Quattro at centre half forward, who was an impressive marking target and helped himself to a healthy meal of three goals over the course of the game. Eric Bendsten was also important up forward, roving and creating opportunities for the Hawks to score.

In the second term, the Hawks began to pull away, with impressive defensive efforts limiting Bulleen-Templestowe’s ability to enter their fifty and convert those entrances into scores. Tim Matheson was instrumental to the Hawthorn defence, with his cool head and strength vital to the Hawks maintaining their control of the game.

It was the third quarter where Hawthorn really flexed their muscles, holding the opposition completely scoreless and extending the margin beyond 100 points. At full back, Caleb Loorman was impressive, serving effectively as a brick wall that the opposition could not get past in order to score. Cooper Fraser was important in the middle, working hard all over the ground and spreading the ball nicely.

 With the game well and truly in their control, the Hawks piled on a further six goals, with half forward Stan Neohoritis ending his day with a bag of five. The Hawks remained disciplined up to the final siren, maintaining their pressure and using their skills and speed to capitalise on the situation. Ending with a significant margin, the Hawks were able to play their brand of footy throughout the day.

Reserves Head Coach Tim Chapman applauded the team’s ability to kick up to a higher gear and play the game on their terms, asserting that while the individual performances had been impressive, “our team performance is what we pride ourselves on most,” and it seems that the Hawks will look to build on this good form and even better teamwork in the weeks to come as they search for glory in Division Two.


6.3 11.7 18.11 24.22 (166)


1.2 2.3 2.3 2.4 (16)

GOALS S. Neohoritis (5), T. Wilkinson (4), D Quattro (3), P. Lehman (2), J. Betlehem (2), E. Bendsten, C. Chisholm, C. Fraser, B. McKenzie

BEST S. Neohoritis, T. Matheson, C. Fraser, D. Quattro, E. Bendtsen, C. Loorham


Men's Seniors v Bulleen-Templestowe

After last week’s nailbiter, the Men’s Seniors were searching for a much smoother path to victory this week. However, Bulleen-Templestowe had other ideas, bringing their fight to the last quarter to once again test the Hawks. The Hawks were able to stabilise, and eventually nab a handy 26 point victory.

The Hawks started off strongly, with the impressive midfield combination of Ethan McLaren and Luke Huber once again putting on a show; with textbook ruck and rover work from the pair, which served to help the Hawks gain an early lead. Hawthorn’s entries inside fifty were good, pinpointing forwards, who were able to convert more often than not.

The Hawks continued to work hard during the second quarter, while Bulleen-Templestowe found their groove and began to work their way into the game leading up to the half time siren. James Southby provided an important target for the Hawks going forward, and Southby was able to convert with accuracy, ending his day with three majors to bolster Hawthorn’s score.

In the third term, the Hawks’ defence worked overtime, with Charlie Boots working hard to organise his teammates and ensure that Bulleen-Templestowe’s access to the ball was limited, holding them to just one goal for the quarter. Steve Dicintio was also important for the Hawks, working hard up forward to create contests and allow the Hawks to win the footy at the source, which Hawthorn was able to capitalise on and score. 

In the final quarter, Bulleen-Templestowe gathered together their strength for a late push, which spelt danger for the Hawks; with repeated inside fifties to the opposition, the Hawthorn defence was under the pump. However, the Hawks were able to stand up and weather the storm, with two separate goal saving efforts from Theo “The Bont” Ktenas. Buoyed by this, the Hawks moved the ball quickly to their fifty and scored, putting the game out of the opposition’s reach and ensuring themselves a win.

After four rounds, the Hawks have had a taste of both loss and victory, setting them up for an interesting year ahead. It remains to be seen just how high up the Hawks can fly in 2024, but we’ll be along for the ride regardless.


5.4 9.5 13.7 17.8 (110)


1.4 5.6 6.11 12.12 (84)

GOALS J. Southby (3), L. Mercorillo (3), L. Hutchinson (3), A. Bongart (2), J. Kenny, (2), J. Raiti, L. Huber, C. Boots, S. Dicintio

BEST T. Ktenas, C. Boots, E. McLaren, S. Dicintio, L. Huber, J. Southby


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