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Round 3 Match Reports

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Women's Seniors v Powerhouse

Coming off a strong win against Richmond Central last week, the Hawks were looking to gain another four points on Saturday against Powerhouse. Unfortunately, undermanned and outmuscled, the Hawks ended up conceding a 93 point loss to the home side. The Hawks, as they proved they can do, still fought the match out to the very last siren.

In the first term, the Hawks came out firing - applying immense pressure to the ball, and making sure that across the ground there were no easy contests. In these instances, the Hawks midfield shone; with Ruck Mia Mathias exercising both her superior strength and fitness, supported by the speed and quick decision making of Zoe Uwland. Going into the break with only a two goal deficit, it seemed that the Hawks were well and truly still in the contest. 

The Hawks maintained their pressure for the first half of the second quarter, and acts of individual brilliance like an impressive two-on-one mark from Emily Truscott on the wing provided glimpses into the full potential of the side. Emmy Johnson was, once again, formidable; her ability to get to the ball and impact a contest is, frankly, a bit scary, and Saturday was no different (I’m just saying, it seems like every week she’s coming down with a case of good old fashioned leather poisoning - maybe we should call a doctor). However, by mid way through the quarter, Powerhouse had started to break away from the Hawks, going into the half-time break 35 points up.

By the third quarter, the Hawks were beginning to tire - limited rotations and a shallow bench having taken their toll. Still, Hawthorn has plenty of experience in fighting to the line against considerable deficits, and that’s exactly what they did. Playing full back can, at times, be a thankless job, especially in games where your opponent is outscoring you so significantly. However, Jamie Hewitt’s strength and intent on Saturday were impressive and worthy of just that (Thanks, Jamie!). The scoring gap only widened throughout the third quarter, and the Hawks had started to slow down.

The final term saw Powerhouse pile on a further five goals, while the Hawks were quite literally running on fumes. Hawthorn attempted to maintain pressure around the contest, but they were gassed, and well and truly beaten. However, even in the dimness of a near 100 point defeat, there are shining lights. Emily Scott, who has begun to put together a very consistent season, was able to display her grace, speed, and intent, scooping up any errant balls that rolled her way.

All in all, the Hawks found themselves to have been soundly defeated by Powerhouse; exacerbated by the lack of rotations. Head Coach Aaron Miller commended the side’s efforts, outlining that there were certainly positives and negatives to take away from the loss; and that every loss is just another learning opportunity. The Hawks will now look to the future, where they will face St Mary’s Salesian at home.


0.0 0.1 0.2 0.2 (2)


2.3 5.6 8.9 13.17 (95)


BEST E. Johnson, M. Mathias, E. Scott, Z. Uwland, J. Hewitt


Men's Thirds v Canterbury

Continuing to build on their early form, the Men’s Thirds shaped up against Canterbury on Saturday and were able to pull off a convincing 83 point win. A true team effort, the Hawks had nine individual goal scorers, proof that as the group chemistry continues to develop, so too does their scoring ability. Even more impressive, the Dons Reserves were also undermanned, lacking a bench.

The Hawks brought the intensity from the very first bounce, attacking the contest with ferocity, and their intent to being first hands on the ball meant they were able to clear quickly and effectively attack inside fifty. Hawthorn’s dashing half-backs made the quarter their own, however, with Serge Moussi and Louis Howcroft’s strength and run essential to Hawthorn’s ability to rebound from defensive fifty. The Hawks entered the quarter-time huddle with a healthy four goal lead, ready to further extend the gap in the second term

There are few things more pleasurable than watching a player make a successful return to footy, especially after a significant injury. On Saturday, we had the luck of watching two players make impressive returns to footy; Sam Speer, on the wing, was influential, providing the run and spread that the Hawks needed in transition, and Henil Kothari also made a triumphant return with a healthy bag of four goals at full forward. Bolstered by these efforts, the Hawks were able to extend their margain, and went into the break with victory well within their sights.

The third quarter was characterised by the Hawks being able to win the ball from the source; with Liam Campbell asserting himself in the ruck, Hawthorn was dominant at stoppages and centre bounces, having the clearance game well and truly on lock. Restricting Canterbury’s access to the footy and maintaining possession allowed the Hawks to kick above the ten goal mark in the third term, and set them up for a significant victory.

With impressive performances all over the ground, it seemed that victory was a foregone conclusion. However, this did not dent the Hawks’ workrate, piling on a further six goals in the final term. Dale Mitchell, off the half forward line, was influential, providing a marking target and working as an important link to the goals. Sam “Prez” Waldron was also impressive, with a bag of four goals to his name (It’s a healthy sign for a footy club, I think, when the president is able to camp out at half forward and kick a bag).

Overall, the Hawks showcased strengths across the whole of the field, with every player on the field playing their role and playing it well. It’s shaping up to be a strong year for the Men’s Thirds team, and as they build their connection to each other, it seems that the sweet taste of victory is one they will become familiar with.


5.1. 9.7. 12.11 18.14 (122)


1.3 2.5 4.8 5.9 (39)

GOALS H. Kothari (4), S. Waldron (4), J. Petering (3), J. Richardson (2), L. Howcroft, L. Campbell, B. Metcalf, E. Edgerton, A. Kelson

BEST S. Moussi, D. Mitchell, S. Speer, L. Campbell, S. Waldron, L. Howcroft


Men’s Reserves v South Melbourne

Seeking to stabilise their rocky start to the season, the Men’s Reserves side shaped up against South Melbourne on Saturday and immediately proved their intent. From the very start, the Hawks were switched on and firing, managing to attain a commanding 64 point victory.

The first quarter can be summed up by one word; pressure. The Hawks certainly brought the heat, with an impressive 19 tackles in the opening term that set the tone for the rest of the game. Cooper Fraser and Sam Gibson were intrinsic to this opening term pressure blitz; bringing the heat to the centre bounces and stoppages, the midfielders led by example. The Hawks were able to grab an early lead, and used the subsequent quarters to build up on the score.

The second term continued in the same fashion, with the Hawks able to maintain possession and utilising switches across the ground to slice through South Melbourne’s defence. At full back, Caleb Loorman was ominous, organising his defensive line and engineering a wall of defence that proved near impregnatable for South Melbourne. At the other end of the ground, Callum Chisholm was equally as influential, typifying the role of a small forward - providing speed, working the ball out from under packs, and crumbing from the key forwards. The Hawks may have only added one goal to their tally this quarter, but they kept South Melbourne scoreless, and set the stage for a big second half.

Making good on this promise, the Hawks provided a huge second half, more than doubling their half-time score in the third quarter. Hawthorn’s ruck, Thomas Donchi, was huge, exerting his physicality over the contest and allowing the likes of Fraser and Gibson to swoop in and provide the forward line with silver-service delivery. With six individual goal scorers, the Hawks were displaying even output over the entire ground, and were reaping the rewards. 

Working hard until the final siren, the Hawks were able to once again hold South Melbourne goalless for a quarter, and add a further three goals for themselves. On the wing, Matt Hannett was superb, an integral part of the Hawks’ lane changing and angled kicks to open up the opponent’s defence and deliver the ball inside fifty. The Hawks were able to maintain their edge and professionalism throughout the match, and were able to snag themselves a comprehensive victory for their troubles.

The most important takeaway from the game on Saturday was just how well the Hawks can play when they are playing for each other. Their drive, commitment to the contest, and connectedness were all praised by Head Coach Tim Chapman, who went on to note that the Hawks would “Continue to play for each other. Continue to believe we can win!”


2.6 3.8 8.12 11.15 (81)


0.2 0.2 2.2 2.5 (17)

GOALS S. Gibson (3), S. Neohoritis (3), M. Uren (2), D. Quattro, T. Wilkinson, B. McKenzie

BEST C. Fraser, C. Loorham, S. Gibson, T. Donchi, M. Hannett, C. Chisholm


Men's Seniors v South Melbourne

After a disappointing loss last weekend, the Hawks were hungry for redemption. And they got just that, in a thrilling three point victory over South Melbourne. The Hawks were able to prove their mettle when they held their nerve against a late charge for victory by the opponents, using their discipline to drag them over the line.

In what would prove to be an arm wrestle from the very first bounce, the Hawks attacked the contest with zeal in the first term. Luke Huber, who is thus far putting on a ruckwork clinic in 2024, was once again a domineering presence in the centre of the ground, much to the benefit of his midfielders, like Andrew Webb, who cleared the ball from the contest with such precision that the Hawks’ clearance game was a sight to behold. While South Melbourne were equally as strong all over the ball, good signs were showing early for the Hawks. 

The second term was equally close, with Hawthorn just able to muster a three goal lead going into the major break. Hawthorn was on top in the contest, off the back of sensational individual efforts from Cooper Rule, whose footy smarts and intent in the contest were instrumental in allowing the Hawks to pull ahead, and the two teams continued their struggle for outright dominance for much of the second term.

In the third quarter, the Hawks flexed their muscles, kicking an kicking a further three goals to enter the final break with a buffer between them and the opposition. It will come as no surprise, then, that it was Hawthorn’s forwards who shone; Justin Raiti was an imposing figure at full forward, finishing the match with four majors. Lucas Hutchinson was also a formidable force in the forward fifty (say that five times, fast), with an impressive bag of five goals for his efforts. 

However, South Melbourne were not ready to be put to bed, and launched an impressive comeback throughout the final term that saw the scores come within three points of each other, the Hawks just able to maintain their edge and cinch the victory. When the opposition presses late, the pressure on the backline can be immense, but the Hawks defence was able to withstand the surge and keep themselves in front. Harry Lewis, from half back, was exceptional in this term, leading the backline with strength and skill.

Close victories can often feel more rewarding than those with large margins, and that was certainly the case for the Hawks on Saturday. Being able to hold on and maintain the victory when the opposition is coming hard in the final term is the mark of a solid side, and as the Hawks now sit 2-2, it seems that this season will be whatever they make of it.


5.2 10.3 13.4 16.7 (103)


5.0 7.3 10.7 15.10 (100)

GOALS L. Hutchinson (5), J. Raiti (4), A. Webb (2), A. Bongart (2), C. Rule, J. Kenny, B. Horsell

BEST  L. Huber, A. Webb, J. Raiti, L. Hutchinson, H. Lewis, C. Rule


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