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Round 2 Match Reports

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Women's Seniors v Richmond Central

After twelve long months, I finally get to write the words that bring me immense joy. On Saturday, the women's Senior side was victorious over Richmond Central. Celebrating the 50th game milestone for Alex "Dirty" Crough, the Hawks had even more to play for. The Hawks weathered the storm of a brutally difficult 2023 campaign, and bolstered by new additions and closer as a team than ever before, Hawthorn was able to move onwards to victory, defeating Richmond Central by twenty two points.

The Hawks were on top from the very first bounce, with inside midfielder Charlotte Miller roving like there was no tomorrow; her attack on the contest, speed and strength earnt her the chance to go back and slot Hawthorn's first goal for the match. She was aided by strong defensive efforts by the entire backline, their commitment to the contest and willingness to do the grunt work ensured that the Hawks were able to maintain the lead.

The Hawks continued their forward half dominance, but were unable to convert time into goals. However, they still maintained the lead over Richmond, with captain Tess Bodin instrumental on the half-back line, ensuring that Richmond's forward fifty entries were few and far between. The Hawks went into the half time break with a five point lead and a fire in their bellies.

Hungry for victory, the Hawks continued to grapple for the upper hand in the third term, with midfielder Zoe Uwland moving the ball and attacking the contest with impressive skill, pressing forward and helping to lock the ball in Hawthorn's half. All over the ground, Hawthorn was winning important contests, and working together as a team to accomplish their common goal.

The final term is where the Hawks were able to pump the gas, scoring three goals to seal the victory. Efforts from Mel Jolley to secure scoring opportunities, as well as an impressive display of forward craft from Laura Castleden (two goals) and a great roving pick up and goal from Ashlee Miller helped to cement the victory.

It was a true, comprehensive team win, and a great way to celebrate Alex Crough's 50th game. Head Coach Aaron Miller expressed his pride and stressed at how the win was a "true team win", with every player contributing to the eventual victory. It signals exciting times at Hawthorn, with the women's side soaring to yet unexplored heights.


1.1 1.6 2.8 5.8 (38)


0.0 1.1 2.3 2.4 (16)

GOALS , L. Castleden, 2, A. Miller, C. Miller, E. Truscott

BEST A. Miller, L. Castleden, T. Bodin, Z. Uwland, C. Miller


Men's Thirds v UHS-VU

Buoyed by their impressive victory last week, the Men's Thirds were seeking to further prove their mettle, and were able to do so, with a strong victory over UHS-VU. Maintaining their discipline and showcasing the importance of a strong preseason, the Hawks delivered a 33 point victory, despite being down to only an 18 man side.

The Hawks started off strong, with their ball movement forward of centre exceptional, the quick entries allowing the fast-starting Hawks to capitalise and score well in the first term. Led in the middle by Nick Criticos, whose experience and calm head was instrumental in the Hawks being able to win the footy at the source. Troy McMaster was also influential, with the wingman combining with Criticos for seven goals.

The deficit at quarter time would prove too great for UHS-VU, with the Hawks' defensive pressure stifling. All over the ground, the Hawks were able to exert physical dominance in the contest, and used this to win the ball. Hawthorn's defence also proved their worth, with defender Garth Ashby important both defensively and to rebound the ball out of defensive fifty to set up another scoring opportunity.

Going into half time with a healthy six goal lead, the emphasis for the Hawks became maintaining their momentum and not allowing their lack of a bench to negatively impact the contest. The Hawks held up admirably, with half forward Serge Moussi shaping up impressively, always providing a target and a contest, and finishing the day with three goals for his efforts.

The Hawks maintained their lead throughout the last quarter, adding a further three goals to the final tally. Half forward Daniel Bye was also valuable to the Hawks on Saturday, delivering the ball inside fifty with precision and poise, and forwards such as Aaron Downie capitalised on the silver service, kicking a respectable two goals.

Now 2-1, the Hawks find them well poised and well matched in Division 4, and as the group continues to develop, so too will their ability to win games. Head Coach Corey Chenoweth applauded the side's ability to win the hard ball and maintain their pressure all day; stating that the team brought a "solid four quarter effort".


6.3. 10.5. 11.6 14.11 (95)


3.1 4.3 8.4 9.8 (62)

GOALS N. Criticos, 4, T. McMaster, 3, S. Moussi, 3, A. Downie, 2, H. Sudholz, L. Campbell

BEST D Bye, T. McMaster, A. Downie, S. Moussi, G. Ashby, N. Criticos


Men’s Reserves v Brunswick

Hoping to improve upon last week's unfortunate results, but crippled by unavailabilities, the Hawks shaped up to Brunswick as an undermanned side but nevertheless fought the game out, eventually suffering a fifty one point loss.

The first quarter began on even footing, with only one point separating the teams at the quarter time break. The Hawks' pressure throughout this quarter was exemplary, and Captain Peter Lehman led from the front, instrumental in the middle to the Hawks winning the ball. Hawthorn's tackling pressure was also elite, with half back Theo "The Bont" Ktenas providing both run off half back and impressive pressure around the contest.

It was in the second term that the game went awry, with Brunswick piling on five goals and holding the Hawks scoreless for the quarter. However, the Hawks still maintained their composure under pressure, actually winning the clearances for the quarter. Cooper Fraser in the middle and debutant Tom Miller on the wing were essential to this outcome for the Hawks, providing, speed and strength in equal measure.

In the third term the Hawks were able to work their way back into the contest, continuing to apply significant pressure to Brunswick and reap the rewards. Full forward Billy Meehan had his scoring boots on, scoring four goals for the Hawks in an impressive display.

The Hawks maintained their fight right to the final siren, with some excellent passages of end-to-end play resulting in scores. Involved in these passages of play was half-forward Luke Shultz, who was impressive along the arc, providing a target and another link towards the goals for the Hawks.

Head Coach Tim Chapman praised the side's commitment and noted that despite the final score, the Hawks had shown a lot of promise, and highlighted key areas to work on. Still early in the season, as the Hawks find their feet in the new division, teething problems are sure to happen.


3.2 3.2 5.2 7.5 (47)


3.3 8.3 12.7 15.8 (98)

GOALS W. Meehan, 4, J. Koutoufides, W. Hally, C. Fraser

BEST T. Miller, W. Meehan, T. Ktenas, L. Schultz, C. Fraser, P. Lehman


Men's Seniors v Brunswick

After last week's impressive victory, the Hawks were seeking to follow this up with a win over Brunswick. In the 100th game for Coach Mark "Muzz" Murray and 50th game for Lucas Hutchinson, there was a lot for the Hawks to play for. Unfortunately, that was not what the footy gods had in mind for Hawthorn, suffering a seventy one point loss in the end.

The Hawks started the game on top, going in to the break with a ten point lead. Hawthorn's pressure and poise moving forward helped to establish this early lead, with ruckman Luke Huber once again an imposing figure in the middle, supported by speedy rover Ethan McLaren, who combined for a dangerous combo.

The second term continued similarly, with Brunswick managing to wrest back some control and the lead. Defensive efforts from Eamonn Avery and Charlie Boots were vital in keeping the Hawks in the contest, having their opponents under control. However, the momentum seemed to shift part way through the quarter, and Brunswick began to pull away going into the main break.

The third quarter spelt trouble for the Hawks, with Brunswick well and truly in control, piling on an impressive ten goals in the quarter to put the game outside of Hawthorn's reach. The Hawks were held scoreless for the quarter, despite the best efforts of Andrew Webb in the middle of the ground.

In the final term, the Hawks worked their way back into the contest, outscoring Brunswick in the quarter, with the steadying presence of Justin Raiti in the forward line, managing a healthy bag of four goals for the day. Unfortunately, this effort would not be enough to drag the scoreline back to one that favoured the Hawks.

While the result was disappointing, every game, win or loss, is a growth opportunity. As Head Coach Mark Murray noted; "We will learn from this and be a better team for it."


3.2 4.6 4.6 7.7 (49)


1.4 6.6 16.8 18.12 (120)

GOALS J. Raiti, 4, E. Bendsten, C. Boots, E. McLaren

BEST E. McLaren, J. Raiti, L. Huber, E. Avery, A. Webb, C. Boots


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