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Round 12 Match Reports

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Women's Seniors v Old Xaverians

With a day full of uncharacteristic July sunshine, a crowd of cheerful faces, and a milestone match to celebrate, the Hawks were keen to play some of their best footy in a competitive match against Old Xaverians to kick off the Triple Header round.

Sometimes the footy stars align for the perfect moment, and it seemed some kind of Sherrin sponsored constellation had Hawthorn in its sights when mid way through the first term, the ball sailed gracefully into the arms of 50 gamer Holly du Plessis. A reliable and confident figure in front of goal, du Plessis turned and coolly slotted the ball through the big sticks, met with uproarious cheers from the crowd and the joy from her teammates. Going into the quarter time break just one goal down but practically owning the football, the Hawks were buoyant.

The second term continued in a similar vein, with the Xaverians maintaining just a slight edge over the Hawks on the scoreboard, while the Hawks continued to dominate possession. It was in this term that the Hawks’ talented half back line proved their worth once again, with Emily Roos and Tess Bodin’s intercept marking, kicking accuracy and speed instrumental in keeping Hawthorn in the contest. With just two goals separating the teams going into the main break, the Hawks were playing their best, most competitive brand of footy for the crowd gathered.

In the third term the Old Xaverians were able to kick away, scoring four goals and creating a distance that would be too great for the Hawks to overcome. That doesn’t mean, however, that the Hawks lost any of their tenacity or drive. A hallmark of the Hawks’ game all year has been the refusal to admit defeat - even in the face of major deficits - and this game was no exception. The dangerous midfield combination of Emmy Johnson - who, refreshed and renewed, played her best match of the season so far, her dominant presence and superior skills evident in the way time seems to slow whenever she gains possession - and Alex “Dirty’ Crough, who once again provided her trademarked precision, speed, and determination in a dangerous combination.

In the final term, the Hawks were able to hold their opponents to only a further two goals and notch up another major of their own. Outside mid Joelly Firmin lifted in the fourth, showcasing her speed, strength, and accuracy to help the Hawks finish strongly.

Despite not being able to notch up a win, the Hawks played to their strengths, and the game style they have been developing seems to be coming to fruition. A team characterised by their speed, ball movement, and above all, their faith in each other, the Hawks are building each week and coming ever closer to that elusive first win.


1.0. 1.1. 1.2 2.3 (15)


2.2 3.2 7.5 9.7 (61)

GOALS H. du Plessis, M. Mathias

BEST J. Firmin, H. du Plessis, T. Bodin, E. Johnson, E. Roos, A. Crough


Men’s Reserves v Wattle Park

There’s been something special building on Rathmines Road. Having won five of their last six matches, the Hawks are soaring, and they have strengthened their finals credentials with an ominous warning to the rest of the competition. This warning came in the form of a dominant win over Wattle Park. With a big crowd of Hawks gathered at the Nest, the Men’s Reserves side were keen to impress.

Despite the Hawks’ strong start, Wattle Park also scored well in the first term, with only two points separating the teams come quarter time. Playing his debut match for the Hawks, Sam “Gibbo” Gibson impressed in the middle of the ground, with his speed and strength seeing him slot nicely into the Hawks lineup. Despite the minor differential on the scoreboard, the Hawks were ready to get down to business, so to speak, and their business was a significant victory.

The Hawks had wrestled control away from Wattle Park by the midway point of the second term, with the Hawthorn forward line proving their worth; key forward John Farah notched up three majors and was well supported by three birthday goals for Stan Neohoritis and a significant four for Henil Kothari. When your forward line has three players who kick multiple goals, the results will generally tend to go in your favour. This rang true for the Hawks, going into the main break with a two goal lead.

The Hawks returned to the field with even more belief than they had in the first half of the match. Clancey’s Candy Shop was once again open for business, with the midfielder selling to any Wattle Park player that came near him. With the assistance of Matt Hannett’s ability to read play and commitment to the contest, the Hawks were able pile on four more goals whilst holding their opponents to just the one major.

The fourth quarter truly belonged to the Hawks, with ruckman Luke Huber owning the centre circle, and with his midfielders gathered around him, the Hawks put on a dominant clearance display, winning it at the source and eventually running out as 64 point victors.

It was an impressive display by the Hawks, and Reserves Head Coach Tim Chapman praised it as the team’s “most complete performance of the year”, Chapman is extremely proud of this win, with the Hawks team synergy and connection at an all time high, they are ready for any challenges the back end of the season may pose, and to pull on their boots once more in September.


3.2 6.4 10.5 15.9 (99)


3.0 4.0 5.4 5.5 (35)

GOALS H. Kothari 4, S. Neohoritis 3, J. Farah 3, L. Clancey, S. Gibson, G. Ashby, L. Loschiavo, D. Chisholm

BEST S. Gibson, L. Huber, P. Lehman, J. Farah, L. Clancey, M. Hannett


Men's Seniors v Wattle Park

Closing out the show on a Triple Header weekend can be a tall order. However, the Men’s Seniors side proved themselves worthy of being the headliners at the Nest this weekend with a convincing 31 point victory over Wattle Park. By the time 2pm rolled around, there was a flock of Hawks at the Nest, ready to see an enticing clash between third and fourth. The Hawks were looking for a disciplined win, and they were able to provide that for both themselves and the gathered spectators.

The Hawks started strongly, with the defence gaining the upper hand early, led by Eamonn Avery’s proactive defensive work and intercept marking, setting the tone for the rest of the team, and allowing the midfielders and forwards to do their jobs. The Hawks entered the first break with a handy two goal lead.

The Hawks proved to be entirely dominant in the third term, with the key forwards in Jack Kenny and Billy Meehan a commanding presence forward of fifty, ending the match with four and three goals respectively, including some impressive (and mathematically impossible) scores from the boundary and pocket. The Hawks went into the main break with a healthy six goal lead.

However, Wattle Park seemed keen on causing some turbulence, with an impressive comeback performance that limited the Hawks to just one goal in the quarter to Wattle Park’s four, putting them within striking distance as the quarter drew to a close. Despite this, Lucas Hutchinson impressed in the backline, holding firm against the onslaught of Wattle Park’s inside fifty entries.

The Hawks dug deep at three quarter time and were able to prove themselves capable of all sorts of wins; with wingman Josh Shannon instrumental in the Hawks maintaining control of the match and ultimately notching up a win. Xavier “X” Bryham also impressed; tagging is a difficult and often thankless job, but X’s commitment to his role, and to the contest at large demonstrates just the kind of player the Hawks value and develop.

Maintaining their composure and professionalism after being rattled late in the game is further proof of Hawthorn’s ever developing finals credentials. If you want to fly with Hawks Airlines this September, book you tickets now. They’re going to fill up fast.


3.2 9.2 10.6 14.6 (90)


1.0 3.0 7.4 9.5 (59)

GOALS J. Kenny 4, W. Meehan 3, J. Raiti 3, J. Shannon, J. Southby, S. Dicintio, W. Ryan

BEST J. Shannon, E. Avery, X. Bryham, W. Meehan, J. Kenny, L. Hutchinson


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