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Round 11 Match Reports

Women’s Seniors v Parkdale

Last Saturday's game kicked off the beginning of Wings Week and it was great to see Hawthorn players resplendent in the Wings jumpers in support of mental health. Hawthorn was also finally beginning to get their full team out on the park, with only four players unavailable for the game against Parkdale.

Another slow start to the game last weekend saw Hawthorn only kicking three behinds in the first half to Parkdale’s two goals two behinds, meaning the team needed to lift after halftime. Inaccurate kicking resulted in Hawthorn kicking only one behind, but the Hawks were able to hold Parkdale back in a fairly strong wind.

A three-quarter time huddle speech by Head Coach Simon Brownhill (it was “inspirational”, describes Simmo) saw the team lift, kicking with the wind and heading home towards the clubroom end. A goal from Brontempelli saw the Hawks close in on Parkdale. They had 95% of the play, mostly in Hawthorn half of the ground however, inaccurate kicking again saw Hawthorn falling short.

Unfortunately, the final siren came too quick. In a fashion eerily similar to the match where Hawthorn first met Parkdale this season, Hawthorn went down by just three points. The positives out of the game were a great effort to contain Parkdale to only three behinds after quarter time.

“Things to work on that came out of the game were a quicker start to the game, accurate kicking at goals, and play for four quarters–not leaving it until the final quarter to win the game. And also to stop giving the coach grey hairs,” said Brownhill.

“This week’s game against Mazenod is a must-win for us if we want to get back the second spot, but with a quick start, accurate kicking and team spirit, it is our game to win.

“Let's keep the momentum going–ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!!”


0.0 0.3 0.4 1.7(13)


2.1 2.2 2.4 2.4(16)

GOALS Hawthorn: B. Young


Hawthorn: B. Young, A. Campbell, S. Delbosc, K. Dorsett, K. James, H. Nicholls


Women’s Reserves v Parkdale

In their best game this season, Hawthorn Women’s Reserves side have shown great improvement in skill and determination despite losing to Parkdale on the weekend.

Last Saturday saw the tables turn with Parkdale the side struggling to field a team, fielding only fourteen and giving Hawthorn a chance finally at a bench. Though the Hawks knew this did not guarantee a win for them and it was clear in the opening term. Parkdale proved an aggressive side, effective at building a walk and keeping possession. Aggression in tackling and pressure has been a talking point for the Hawks from Reserves Coach, Mick Clohesy, and it was clear last Saturday that the Hawks were listening. Hawthorn were able to stop Parkdale from gaining metres with their pressure and tackling however, they were often unable to get the ball out to their side. The first term ended without a hit on the scoreboard.

It was the second quarter that belonged to Hawthorn, with the quarter opening with two goals in succession, a testament to the Reserves’ burgeoning skill in linkage play. Jo kicked the first to put Hawthorn on the scoreboard, followed soon by Tee–and that’s on women of colour. Full-back turned full-forward Millie was crucial in these goals, shepherding and protecting Hawks players to get the Sherrin home.

Skipper Noodles also proved solid this match, giving the big boot accurately and reliably to get the Sherrin out of danger. Akira in her second game showed great improvement, getting out reliable kicks. Gabby was also undeniable in the ruck.

Though Hawthorn were trailing by the end of the first half, their determination did not dwindle and it showed in how they carried themselves in the second. The Reserves team kept their heads up for the remainder of the game with the midfield striving to keep the team’s drive going. Although it was Parkdale that went away with the win last Saturday, the Reserves knew they were heading in the right direction and growing closer as a team.


0.0 2.1 2.1 2.2(14)


0.1 3.3 5.5 9.12(66)

GOALS Hawthorn: J. Guelas, T. Willis

Parkdale: S. Widelski 2, K. Benton 2, N. Jensen 2, M. Dunne, K. McCorquodale, T. Dando


Hawthorn: G. Ramsay, A. Naidoo, S. Khong, T. Naidu, J. Guelas, K. Anderson

Parkdale: K. Benton, K. McCorquodale, S. Widelski, T. Dando, D. Weetman, R. Dalach


Men’s Seniors v Richmond Central

Strong from the start, Hawks set the tone last Saturday against Richmond Central with a six goal first quarter.

The pressure from the first minute created a large amount of turnovers. The backline was massive with the double Avery combo serving up a big day. With Meehan kicking four, Downie put on a display in the midfield with two goals to support that set up the first half in great Hawks fashion. The strong performance of the midfield created entry after entry for the forwards.

The fourth quarter from Southby was outstanding on the wing, with pressure on every contest, though it was Allum’s contender for mark of the year that had everyone talking.

With three wins on the trot, eyes look to next week, the Wings Lunch and a great day for the club.


0.1 3.5 4.6 5.6(36)


6.2 8.3 11.7 12.7(79)


Richmond Central: D. Martin, A. Benson, D. Curnow, J. Hartley, D. Roy

Hawthorn: W. Meehan 4, A. Downie 2, C. Lee 2, S. Quinlan, J. Raiti, S. Neohoritis, J. Southby


Richmond Central: D. Curnow, M. Naawi, D. Holland, B. Browning-Briese, D. Martin

Hawthorn: A. Downie, C. Lee, E. Avery, J. Kenny, L. Piccolo, C. Allum


Men’s Reserves v Richmond Central

A huge game for the Don’s in the scheme of where their season sits. A win would have had Hawks still in contention to play finals, whereas as loss will make it very difficult.

The Reserves side looked very good on paper, considering the team had to make nine changes from the previous week due to boys going up to the Senior’s and a couple of injuries. Matt Tanis was our Captain today, which was especially important in that it was the beginning of the club's Wings round. Hawthorn’s prep was pretty good and Reserves Coach Rick Gheller was feeling very confident of a really strong showing today.

Hawthorn’s opponents had different thoughts. From the first bounce, Richmond Central were on the move and were able to clear the muddy centre area with ease. The Hawks backline were under extreme pressure from the very start. Richmond were able to run the ball into a breeze and kick four goals whilst keeping the Hawks scoreless.

The second quarter began how the first started. It was with Richmond putting on two quick goals that Hawthorn finally began to link up. Great passages of play from the backline led by Theo put Hawthorn into a position to go coast to coast, with Jake using his pace along the wing, onto Farah who kicked forward, leading the ball up with Priji who had a shot on goal to kick Hawthorn’s first for the day. Not long after Schultzy slotted another goal through. It was overall a better effort into the wind.

Although disappointing with the end result, the Hawks were adamant and determined. However, Richmond were just too good, leaving the Reserves undermanned across all lines, and with six Hawks playing either their first game or second game in almost two months, it was taking its toll.

Brando’s work throughout the whole game was very good. Big H and Theo down at centre half-back and full back worked overtime with the amount of forward-50 entries they had to contend with, as did Shane and Mad Dog.

“Many thanks to Tim McNamara, Tyson Barber, Josh Sedgwick, Rohan Clarke, Trent Pengilly, and Hin Chan for pulling the boots on. It was great to have you blokes out there,” said Gheller.

“We must remain positive for the remainder of the season and continue to improve and support the senior side as much as possible.

“Go Hawks.”


4.3 7.6 13.8 19.12(126)


0.0 2.0 2.2 3.3(21)


Richmond Central: B. Smith 5, J. Madden 3, A. Fraser 3, D. Hall 2, C. Dalwood, J. Clark, R. Griffin, J. Rudolph, J. Lewis, D. Dignam

Hawthorn: P. Vijayakumar, C. Schulz, J. Farah


Richmond Central: K. Schoenmaekers, M. O’Neill, S. McGouran, D. Hall, B. Smith

Hawthorn: B. Tanti, H. Kothari, T. Barber, S. Tido, M. Tanis


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