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Round 10 Match Reports

Women's Seniors v Oakleigh

In another tough outing for the Women’s side, the Hawks were unable to shake off the chill, and suffered a forty two point defeat to Oakleigh. Battling outs and playing with a reduced bench, the Hawks did what they have always done; fought right until the very final siren.

In the first term, much of the play happened between the two fifties, with both sides engaged in an enthralling midfield battle. Emily Roos was enormous on return across half back, intercepting cleverly and laying important tackles, asserting herself on the contest with an impressive performance. However, Oakleigh was able to make it past the Hawks’ defence and score two quick goals.

The Hawks gritted their teeth in the second term, holding Oakleigh goalless. Defender Jamie Hewitt was crucial in this term, providing not only strength and speed, but a bit of fire to the Hawks backline as it took a battering. However, as the defence held strong, the Hawks were unable to capitalise through scoreboard pressure and so entered the second half still two goals down.

Oakleigh were able to regain control during the third term, but the intriguing midfield contest returned. Mia Mathias was enormous as a combination on-baller and ruck (yes, she played both as the ruck and as the third mid around stoppages, showcasing her versatility and speed), and Alex Crough’s speed on the outside was once again integral to the Hawks, providing dash along the wing to win contests and deliver inside fifty.

The Hawks were also able to limit Oakleigh’s scoring in the final term, with the Hawks defence once again locking down. Georgie Shugg shone throughout the final term, proving her grit and skill in a series of consecutive defensive efforts against an outnumber of opposition players.

The Women’s side knows that there are positives and areas for improvement to be taken from every win, loss or draw, and will use this to aid their match against Old Trinity this weekend; with just two points separating the teams last time they met, this game is shaping up to be an epic.


0.0 0.1 0.1 0.2 (2)


2.3 2.5 5.7 6.8 (4)

BEST E. Roos, M. Mathias, G. Shugg, A. Crough, J. Hewitt


Men's Thirds v Marcellin

In the chilly morning fog last Saturday, the Men’s Thirds were set a difficult task against Marcellin, working hard throughout the day but eventually suffering a thirty seven point loss. With five rounds to go and poised at 6th position on the ladder, the next few weeks will be all important to see whether or not the Hawks manage to secure a finals berth in their first ever season.

The first term started evenly, with both teams attacking the ball well at the contest. The Hawks’ ball movement was good, resulting in repeat inside fifties which the Hawks were able to capitalise upon. Serge Moussi continued his impressive form, providing plenty of run and carry for the Hawks moving out of defence. However, Marcellin were also up to the challenge, hitting the first break with an eight point lead.

Both teams were able to convert in the second term, with the Hawks proving to be more accurate than their opponents, but with limited supply, they were unable to hit the front. Jonathan Downie and Trent Willson were impressive in this term, providing strength and determination around the contest, helping the Hawks to clear the ball and transition into attack. Marcellin were able to maintain their distance with a nine point lead going into half time.

Both teams came out firing in the second half, with more goals being kicked in the third term than the rest of the match combined. Jack Nolan was dangerous up forward, scoring truly when given the opportunity, and Kade Pargeter was important to the Hawks’ continued efforts. Marcellin was also accurate in this term, managing to slip out to a near four-goal lead.

Marcellin managed to put the clamps on after three quarter time, holding Hawthorn scoreless and adding another goal to their tally. Hamish Goodwin worked hard throughout the day, providing the intensity and footy smarts that characterises the Hawks’ game.

Despite suffering a loss, the Hawks showed positive signs that the side can capitalise on in the last few home and away matches of the season. With a possible finals ticket in their first ever season, the Men’s Thirds make for an interesting Saturday morning watch.


1.1 2.2 4.2 4.2 (26)


2.3 3.7 7.10 8.15 (63)

GOALS   S. Moussi, T. Willson, J. Nolan, J. Downie, K. Pargeter, H. Goodwin

BEST  P. Avery, S. Moussi, A. Downie, O. Dumsday, S. Waldron, L. Campbell


Men’s Reserves v Aquinas

While all wins are worth four points, there are some wins that just hold a bit more weight than others. This was the case for the Men’s Reserves on Saturday, with a dramatic win over Aquinas. Despite leading for most of the day, the Hawks nearly suffered a defeat thanks to an impressive Aquinas outfit, but were able to hang on and wrestle back control to win in the dying stages of the match. 

The Hawks began the game well and truly on their terms, with impressive efforts from Ben Stefani down back cementing the Hawks’ control on the contest. The Hawks were able to deliver the ball well to half-forward Will Molloy, who had an impressive game in front of the big sticks, scoring three goals and assisting in many others.

During the second term, Aquinas began to reel the Hawks back in, outscoring the Hawks and shutting down their previously free flowing ball movement. Noah Fry was important for the Hawks, providing run and carry across the ground, and assisting in many clean entries inside fifty.

After a stern half time address, the Hawks engaged in an intense tussle for victory with their opponents, with limited scoring for both sides setting the game up for an intense finish. Brodie Johnson continued his strong form since his return, being integral to the Hawks’ midfield dominance and their ability to regain control of the game.

With tensions high and scores within a whisker during the final term, the Hawks were steadfast, and kicked the last two goals of the game to cinch a one goal victory. Ben Hannam’s efforts at full back were impressive, limiting the opponent’s access to the footy and allowing his side to get over the line.

Saturday’s match proved that the Hawks have the ability to play solid, team focused football, and to withstand significant pressure from opposition players to remain victorious. The Men’s Reserves seem to have hit their stride in the latter part of the year, just in time for a solid crack at a finals spot.


5.1 7.4 8.5 10.8 (68)


1.2 4.4 6.7 9.8(62)

GOALS W. Malloy (3), S. Neohoritis (2), C. Sloane, J. Blundell

BEST B. Stefani, B. Johnston, W. Molloy, N. Fry, B. Hannam


Men's Seniors v Aquinas

After showing promising signs last week, the Men’s Seniors were able to capitalise on a strong week on the track and secure a healthy 30 point win over Aquinas. With eight rounds to go, the Hawks currently sit just outside of playing finals, but eight rounds is a lot of footy - anything can happen.

The Hawks began the game well, if a little inaccurately. In a big day for Hawks forwards, Billy Meehan and Justin Raiti were both impressive, exercising their marking skill and goal kicking prowess for five and two goals respectively. It was off the back of such efforts that the Hawks were able to secure the lead early, and maintain a similar separation for most of the day.

In the second term, the Hawks cleaned up their goal kicking accuracy, and half backs Will Fleming and Charlie Boots were integral, providing a rebound out of defensive fifty and working hard to provide new opportunities going forwards. Hawthorn went into the halftime break with a handy seventeen point lead, ready for a strong second half.

Providing just that, the Hawks played well and the contest became the kind of free flowing football that suits the Hawks’ game style. Steve Dicintio was also impressive, providing another forward half target, and attacking each contest with the necessary grit and determination. Hawthorn was able to add four more goals to their tally to set themselves up for a comprehensive win.

In the final term, the Hawks outscored their own first half, kicking seven goals to Aquinas’ five in order to take the four points. James Southby was also impressive up forward, gathering three majors for the day and providing significant support forward of centre for the Hawks. 

It was a win that was emblematic of just how well Hawthorn can play - with discipline, control, and room to run, the Hawks prove themselves to be a strong side, with potential written all over them.


3.8 6.10 10.12 17.12 (114)


2.2 4.5 7.8 12.12 (84)

GOALS W. Meehan (5), J. Southby (3), J. Raiti (2), C. Rule (2), C. Boots, D. Quattro, A. Webb, J. Loxton, S. Dicintio

BEST J. Raiti, C. Boots, S. Dicintio, W. Meehan, W. Fleming, J. Southby


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