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Round 10 Match Reports

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Men’s Seniors v Power House

With the rain pouring down and a healthy (and damp) crowd gathered at the Nest, the Hawks were keen to put on a spectacle. And that they did; a clinical and efficient victory that proved just why the Hawks are ranked so highly this season. Playing for the Richardson/Lauletta

Cup, the Hawks did their club proud with this 138 point victory.

With thirteen individual goal kickers, and dynamic forward duo Justin Raiti and Jack Kenny scoring six and five goals respectively, the Hawks started off the match strong, with seven goals in the first term. However, Power House did not trail far behind, going into the quarter time break just three goals down.

The second term continued along a similar vein, with Power House down but not out, and Hawks midfielder Ethan Harvey once again treating us to an episode of the Ethan Special, but this time with superb guest stars from the forward line in Will Ryan and Luke McLeod. The Hawks had a healthy forty-five point lead going into the half time break on the back of a full team effort.

After half time, there was an update in the weather report; while the sky had cleared and the sun was shining, it was still going to rain. Rain goals, that is. The Hawks would go on to score ten goals in the third term and seven in the last, whilst also effectively stymying Power House’s ability to score; they scored only two more goals for the half. Harry Lewis off half back was instrumental to this blockage, as was Steve Dicintio.

With a significant victory in the books, the Hawks now turn their focus to a building rivalry match with Richmond Central this weekend. With confidence and skill flying high, the Hawks are poised to finish off the season strongly and have well and truly proved they are worthy of a finals spot, if not a top two finish.


7.4. 13.7. 23.7 30.15 (195)


4.4 6.4 7.9 8.9 (57)

GOALS J. Raiti 6, J. Kenny 5, J. Southby 3, C. Lee 3, L. McLeod 3, S. Dicintio 2, E. Harvey 2, E. McLaren, J. Cowland, H. Lewis, H. Smith, S. Peet, D. Chisholm

BEST W. Ryan, H. Lewis, E. Harvey, S. Dicintio, J. Raiti, L. McLeod


Men’s Reserves v Power House

The wind last Saturday was sharp and brutal, but the Hawks were prepared to match the elements and serve up a dismantling and, if you belong to another Division 3 side, an ominous win against Power House. Coming off an empathic come from behind victory last week, and in celebration of 350 VAFA games for Hawks icon Serge Moussi, the Hawks seem set to soar up the ladder and challenge for a spot in the finals.

The Hawks’ win was thanks to every player who pulled on the jumper on Saturday, with eleven individual goal kickers and six players scoring multiple goals. Phil Avery, as he has done all year, was a sergeant down back, leading his well drilled backline to keep Power House goalless in the first half and only conceding three goals for the match.

Dashing off half back, Theo “The Bont” Ktenas proved once again just why he has been nicknamed after an AFL great, providing his intercept and playmaking ability, combining with centre square talent in Troy McMaster to set up a massive thirteen goal second half. The Hawks' tackling pressure and ability to move the ball with run past handballs impressed during the second term, hitting targets with precision.

Silky Serge Moussi impressed in his milestone match with two goals, as did Stan Neohoritis in the forward pocket, with three goals to his name. Harris Sudholz on the wing and Peter Lehamn rounded out an impressive side with their tenacity, speed moving the ball, and commitment to the contest.

The Hawks were able to control the game from the very first siren but really hit the accelerator in the second half, proving that challenging the Hawks at the Nest is a daunting task, and, on Saturday, a fool’s errand. With a 107 point victory under their belts, the confidence and synergy the Hawks spent the first half of the season developing is coming to fruition. As Reserves Head Coach Tim Chapman noted, "This was a big stride forward in our journey,". This weekend, the Hawks will look to continue this form as they fly one suburb over to take on second-placed Richmond Central and Kevin Bartlett Reserve. If the Hawks are able to notch up a win against a top two side, their finals credentials will only get stronger.


4.2 6.7 12.13 19.18 (132)


0.0 0.4 2.5 3.7 (25)

GOALS S. Neohoritis 3, T. McMaster 3, J. Farah 2, C. Chenoweth 2, S. Moussi 2, N. Fry 2, C. Chisholm, C. Fraser, J. Moussi, H. Kothari, X. Bryham

BEST T. McMaster, H. Sudholz, T. Ktenas, S. Neohoritis, P. Lehman, P. Avery


Women’s Seniors v Beaumaris

Facing the top side on the ladder is always a daunting prospect. Facing the top side at their home ground is even scarier. Facing the top side when you have yet to win a game in the new division is enough to strike fear into the most committed and unshakeable of footballers. However, the Hawks have never been a side that backs down from a challenge. They did not do this on Saturday, even if such a fear could have been forgiven.

In a stunning first quarter display, the Hawks matched their opponents in Beaumaris, with both teams ending the quarter with one goal. The Hawks’ goal was off the back of driving midfield efforts from Rachel Urquhart and a neat delivery into the lap of Holly du Plessis in the goal square. Having always been a player with an uncanny goal sense, du Plessis stepped back and coolly slotted the goal.

While the Hawks did not manage to score again for the rest of the match and ended up with 101 point defeat, their tenacity and commitment to never giving up in the face of such a margin was impressive. Alana “Sticks” Sarec’s strength through the contest and flying intercept marking off half back was instrumental to the Hawks game plan, as was her ruck work, delivering the ball right into the laps of inside-midfielders Emmy Johnson (nickname still pending; any suggestions are welcome) and Alex “Dirty” Crough.

As they have done all season, Emmy and Dirty played with a kind of desperation and skill that inspires awe in the players around them. Working off of half back, defensive pair Emily “Scotty” Scott and Tessa Bodin provided exceptional tackling pressure, as well as well needed run and experience to the defensive unit.

It's no secret that things have been tough for the Hawks since switching divisions, but the side is committed to growth, rebuilding and developing for the future. With a chance to snatch a victory against Old Haileybury this weekend, the Hawks will keep growing with the talent and experience they have, still hunting that still-elusive chance to sing the words;

“We’re a happy team at Hawthorn…”


1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 (6)


1.0 7.3 11.3 17.5 (107)

GOALS H. du Plessis

BEST T. Bodin, R. Urquhart, E. Scott, E. Johnson, A. Crough, A. Sarec


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