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Round 10 Match Reports

Men’s Seniors v Parkside

The Hawthorn Men’s Senior side were blessed with fantastic weather in a must-win game as they set themselves for the back half of the season. Hawthorn had a mixed bag of results against Parkside over the past couple of seasons, though this was Parkside’s first trip to Rathmines Road Reserve and the Hawks were intent on welcoming them from the first bounce.

Parkside are a well-coached, well-drilled side who have managed to keep their group relatively consistent for a number of years. Last time Hawthorn played against Parkside, the latter had won in the contest and had the game in control by half-time. Hawthorn knew they had to start well and create a lot of pressure around the ball if they wanted to beat Parkside.

And Hawthorn had started really well, getting out to a 5-goal lead just prior to quarter-time. Parkside have a strong defensive unit which drives much of their attack, and Hawthorn forwards in particular did a great job of disrupting the opposition’s possessions, creating a lot of repeat inside-50 entries for us. It was a Parkside goal right on the quarter-time siren that kept the door ajar.

The Hawks kept pressing in the second quarter and created a number of opportunities in front of goal. Unfortunately, they weren't able to finish as well as they had in the first. Again, Parkside scored a goal right on the half-time siren thanks to a 50m penalty, giving them a bit of pep heading into the break.

The third quarter belonged to Parkside. They got on top around the ground, prevented Hawthorn from playing the way they wanted to, with their small forwards starting to find space on the outside. The fourth began with a 2-goal margin. It was out of nowhere then when a gust of wind started blowing toward the hill end where Parkside were heading. Despite this, Hawthorn dominated the early part of the last, kicking three of the first four goals to get out to a 4-goal lead ten minutes in. To Parkside's credit, they kept surging. They kicked the next six scoring shots, though, luckily for Hawthorn, they didn't take their opportunities and the Hawks were able to hold on to a challenging win.

“In the end, really pleasing to get the win after a couple of these close games went against us earlier in the season,” Men’s Senior Assistant Coach, Zac Jardine.

“We've won two on the trot now and keen to continue that winning feeling next week out in Richmond. Special kudos to Matho who worked tirelessly out of position in the ruck, also Smit and Moo for stepping up after a couple of late outs in the morning and playing their roles superbly.”


6.2 9.7 11.8 15.8 (98)


2.2 6.6 9.9 13.14 (92)


Hawthorn: W. Meehan 4, J. Raiti 3, C. Rule 2, W. Ryan, J. Pardo, C. Boots, E. Avery, J. Wain, S. Neohoritis Parkside: J.Hubbard 3, S. Mackie 3, S. Gilfedder 2, B. Douglas 2, M. Holden, M. Romano, M. Soligo


Hawthorn: C. Boots, E. Avery, T. Matheson, S. Neohoritis, W. Meehan, X. Bryham

Parkside: B. Douglas, J. Hamilton, S. Mackie, M. Holden, J. Hubbard


Men’s Reserves v Parkside

The Hawthorn Men’s Reserves went up against a strong opponent in Parkside last Saturday. Parkside’s position on the ladder would prove to be well-earned with the opposition being well-drilled and difficult to stop for the entire game.

Last minute changes in the Seniors side resulted in changes in the Reserves that ultimately resulted in the team playing short on the bench. The coaches and team extend their thanks to Allan Mok who filled in from quarter-time to help the boys.

Parkside were relentless in the opening half with several unanswered goals. The boys fought back hard in the third quarter, with three unanswered goals to get within 30-points of the opposition. However, from then it was one way traffic on the scoreboard ultimately, resulting in a 159-point loss, which is always disappointing.

The coaching staff acknowledged that the scoreboard didn’t reflect the overarching feel of the game, with the Hawks showing moments where transition was fantastic. At no point did the boys drop their heads and give up which shows true character. Best players on the ground reflected this resilience. John Farah led the way with Max Lindrea, Rick’s son Corey, Theo, Matt Tanis, and Darcy Sheahan all contributing.

The aim for the Reserves this coming week is a solid performance on the track as they build into the back end of the season.


1.3 3.3 6.5 6.7 (43)


7.2 11.8 17.11 24.15 (159)


Hawthorn: S. Moussi 2, J. Farah, C. Schulz, M. Lindrea, S. Waldron

Parkside: P. Holden 4, J. Heritage 3, L. Steve 3, A. Baird 3, M. Balassone 2, J. Manthorpe 2, F. Maule, D. Landewee, B. Fraser, R. Shortal, E. Thyer, K. Wallace, C. McFadyen


Hawthorn: J. Farah, M. Lindrea, C. Chenoweth, M. Tanis, D. Sheahan

Parkside: L. Steve, K. Howes, P. Holden, D. Landewee, R. Susman


Women’s Seniors v North Brunswick

Coming into Round 10, Hawthorn knew that this match was going to be a danger game for them. With 10 senior players unavailable, Hawthorn had to work hard to come away with a victory.

The Hawks started the game full of run, with the midfield group of Jenn, Dorsett, and Jordy receiving the ball from Gabby and firing the ball into our forward line. The first quarter saw them enter their forward-50 12 times but, with inaccurate kicking, only managed 3-points. Their tackling pressure was also high which saw Hawks dominate the game around the stoppages.

However, the second and third quarters saw the Hawks go to sleep a little as their tacking pressure decreased and turnovers increased. Our forward-50 entries in the second quarter dropped to five and our inaccurate kicking continued with only two points added to the score before half-time.

Despite this, their backline defence stood strong with Maya, Boydie, and Keechie providing the first line of defence and providing run-out towards our wingers in Alex, Tash, and Paris. Their last defensive line Ange, Tessa, and Grets stood strong in preventing the constant flow. A very lucky North Brunswick goal put them 5-points up coming into the final change.

It was the shift in the midfield with Muzz in the ruck and Ra as ruck rover which finally woke the sleeping giant. A quick kick out of the centre saw Hawthorn forwards go to work, and the pressure from half-forwards in Char, Holly, and Sammy was able to keep the ball into their forward-50 while deep forwards in Kayla, Urqhs, and Scotty went to work in the air and on the ground when the ball was fired towards goal.

It wasn’t until a ball fired deep into POMO (‘Point of Most Opportunity’) and Dorsett took a mark in front of the pack, went back and kicked the goal, that the game took a dramatic turn. Another goal soon followed when the ball travelled coast-to-coast, and with quick hands, sent Tash on a full sprint where she kicked the goal and sealed the game for the Hawks by 8 points.

“A great team effort by everyone in the last quarter has set us up for a big game this weekend against Parkdale where second plays third [on the ladder],” said Senior Coach Simon Brownhill.

“Let's keep the momentum going—ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!!”


0.0 0.3 1.4 1.4 (10)


0.3 0.5 0.5 2.6 (18)


North Brunswick: D. Adams

Hawthorn: K. Dorsett, N. Rappos


North Brunswick: D. Adams, S. Rohan, R. Haywood, J. Vella, Z. Schwerkolt, K. Burgess

Hawthorn: K. Dorsett, J. Sheehan, M. Boyd, N. Rappos, X. McFarlane, S. Delbosc


Women’s Reserves v North Brunswick

The Reserves come back to the Nest with consecutive wins away from home. Boosted by the addition of Alice, Keely, and Sarah from the Senior team, Hawthorn overpowered North Brunswick winning 13.23(101) to 1.2(8).

The Hawks dominated in possession, with the Sherrin spending most of its time throughout the entire game in their forward line so much so that full-back Millie was turned into a full-forward in the later half of the match as, according to Reserves Coach Mick Clohesy, she was “getting cold back there”.

In the moments where the ball found itself in the Hawthorn backline, the Hawks defenders proved efficient with the ball spending minimal time and rarely making an appearance in the opposition’s forward-50. Spud played her best game to date, proving solid and shutting down any attack from the Bulls.

Coming into the fourth, Clohesy set the goal of hitting 100 on the scoreboard and the Reserves took it upon themselves to meet this goal. Despite Alice and Sarah missing and a North Brunswick goal in the last term, the Reserves still proved resilient against the Bulls. Again, possession of the ball was owned by Hawthorn with Tara kicking her first goal while her father watched on from the sideline. Millie was just metres away from kicking her first as well.

It was safe to say that the meeting Clohesy’s 100-point score was easy for the Reserves last Saturday.

“The team was bolstered by the addition of three talented seniors players. This presented a unique learning opportunity for the balance of the team however we will need to rely upon our own devices in the coming weeks,” said Reserves Coach Mick Clohesy.

“We need everyone at training and everyone committed to playing Finals football in a month's time.”


0.0 0.0 0.0 1.2 (8)


5.8 9.16 11.23 13.23 (101)


North Brunswick: F. Noakes

Hawthorn: S. Morley 6, A Campbell 2, H. Cook 2, A. Ingram, K. James, T. Naidu


North Brunswick: F. Noakes, H. Meyer, E. Eden, K. McCollam, C. Muscat, A. Barraclough

Hawthorn: S. Morley, A. Campbell, K. James, Z. McFarlane, T. Naidu, K. Spurrier


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