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Round 1 Match Reports

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Men's Thirds v MHSOB

In their second ever hit-out, the new Men’s Thirds team flexed their muscles against MHSOB, eventually running out 34 point victors. Christening the Nest for Season 2024 with a win, the Thirds proved their ability, managing to break away from the opposition in the third term, and from there steadying and securing the four points.

The game began with a relatively even first quarter, with both clubs feeling each other out and the difference between the teams by the end of the quarter was only two points. Defenders Garth Ashby and Walter Hally were instrumental in holding the opposition at bay, using their footy smarts and speed to clear the ball from defensive fifty, allowing the Hawks mids to get to work.

The second term continued in much the same way, with both teams having difficulty with accuracy in front of the big sticks, and the gap only increasing to five points going into the main break. However, the Hawks midfield was beginning to find their feet, with Aaron Downie and Trent Pengilly’s strength around the contest on full display. Downie's goalscoring ability was also on full display. With the promise of a first win just forty minutes of football away, the Hawks went into half-time ready to increase the gap.

In the third quarter, the Hawks began to pull away from their opposition, out-scoring them and firmly flying victory out of the opposition’s reach. Ned McArthur was integral throughout the match, using his skill to facilitate the Hawks’ scores throughout the term, and the Hawks forwards were able to accumulate seven scoring shots for three goals.

The final term was the Hawks’ biggest, managing to generate a further nine scoring shots for four goals, and firmly cementing their victory. Wingman Mitch Chester was elite, providing much-needed run and skill to continue to push the Hawks forward. After a relatively even first half, the Hawks were able to cinch a convincing victory.

For a new side, early, impressive victories like this are extremely important in building towards the future. A first victory in Round Two sets the Hawks up for a great first season and many more victories to come.


1.4. 2.11. 5.15 9.20 (74)


1.2 2.5 3.12 4.16 (40)

GOALS A. Downie, 6, D. Upton, M. Uren, L. Campbell

BEST A. Downie, M. Chester, T. Pengilly, N. McArthur, G. Ashby, W. Hally


Men’s Reserves v MHSOB

Adjusting to the new division is always going to come with hiccups, and that much was true for the Men’s Reserves side this Saturday. For their first hit-out of 2024, the Hawks faced a quality opponent in Melbourne High School Old Boys’ Football club (MHSOB), and were unable to secure the victory, eventually suffering a deficit of 59 points.

From the very first bounce, MHSOB had the upper hand, but the Hawks’ grit and toughness shone, with impressive performance from the back six making sure the opponent worked hard for every ball they won. Defender Tim Matheson was crucial around the defensive contest, and Theo “The Bont” Ktenas provided his usual dash off half-back. That being said, the Hawks struggled to crack into their own fifty and lessen the hurt on the scoreboard, with MHSOB kicking five goals clear.

The second term continued in the same vein, with MHSOB getting the jump on the Hawks around the contest and interrupting the Hawks’ passages of play, piling on a further four goals throughout the quarter. However, despite the scoreboard deficit, Hawks full forward Sam Gibson still put on a show in front of the big sticks, ending his day with a healthy bag of four goals. Supported by lightning-quick rover/forwards like Stan Neohoritis (2 goals), the Hawks forward line was a marker of good times ahead.

In the third quarter, the Hawks tightened up on their earlier errors, adjusting to MHSOB’s game style, and settling as a team. This effort was reflected on the scoreboard, with the Hawks matching MHSOB in terms of goals for the term. Wingman Murdo McKay was instrumental in the Hawks’ shift, exemplifying the resilience and grit as the Hawks battled their way into the contest.

The final term, paired with limited rotations, was tough, but the Hawks continued to fight, all the way to the final siren. Midfielder Cooper Fraser’s determination and tackling pressure was exemplary, ensuring that the opposition were not able to take easy possession and run up the score. 

While the day ended with a decent deficit, there were still early positives that the Reserves will take and build upon in the weeks to come. Reserves Head Coach Tim Chapman praised the team’s endeavour and resilience, noting that the team is  “well primed for a strong season ahead,”. If the trajectory of the Reserves’ 2023 season is anything to go by, Chapman is absolutely correct, and we are once again in for a very exciting year at the Nest.


2.2 3.4 6.4 9.6 (60)


7.1 10.6 13.9 18.11 (119)

GOALS S. Gibson, 4, S. Neohoritis, 2, C. Chisholm, J. Farrah, C Chenoweth

BEST T. Ktenas, S. Gibson, S. Neohoritis, M. McKay, C. Fraser, T. Matheson.


Men's Seniors v MHSOB

Finding your feet in a new division, against all new opponents can be tricky. However, a five goal win is pretty much the perfect start to a season, and that's exactly what the Hawks delivered, in front of a considerable crowd at the Nest last Saturday. Going up against MHSOB is never easy, but the Men’s Seniors were able to steady and prove their mettle, soundly announcing their arrival to Division 2.

MHSOB got the jump on the Hawks early, with a 29 point deficit only 25 minutes into the first quarter. However, the Hawks mids were able to adjust to the increased intensity that is Division Two, and even things up around the contest, with Ethan McLaren’s ground ball gets a particular advantage for the Hawks. The Seniors went into the first break only three goals down and ready to close the remaining gap.

In the second quarter, the midfield wrestled their way on top, with Ruckman Luke Huber - buoyed by a fantastic best-and-fairest season in the Reserves - exercising his strength and athleticism to the great benefit of his teammates. The Hawks backline also flexed their muscles, in a triumphant return for the “Great Wall of Hawthorn”, with the leadership, grit, and precise ball movement of Charlie Boots and Will Fleming proving to be integral to the Hawks game plan. Going into the half time break, the Hawks trailed by just five points.

The Hawks were able to pull ahead in the third term, scoring four goals to MHSOB’s two. It was the quarter that belonged to the big forward, and the Hawks forwardline, led by full forward Austin Bongart (4 goals), capitalised, proving their worth and ensuring that Hawthorn hit the front. The big forwards contested well in the air and were able to bring the ball to ground for the small forwards to swoop in and hit the scoreboard.

In the final term, the Hawks were able to put the pedal to the floor, running out as eventual 34 point victors. Once again, the defenders proved their superiority, with Eamonn Avery and Jack Wilson shining, gaining control of their opponents and providing swift exists from defensive fifty. A comprehensive victory, and a full team effort typifies the Senior Men’s day on Saturday.

Head Coach Mark Murray partially attributed the victory to the Hawks’ strong preseason, applauding the team’s chemistry, and noting the important role that nine new faces played on the weekend. Murray said that he was “excited about the year ahead”, as the Hawks face new challenges, new rivalries, and new victories.


2.1 8.3 12.10 16.15 (111)


5.6 8.8 10.10 11.11 (77)

GOALS J. Cowland, 2, A. Bongart, 4, E. McLaren, J. Southby, L. Mercorillo, J. Kenny, L. Hutchinson, 3, B. Stefani, S. Decintio

BEST C. Boots, L. Huber, W. Fleming, J. Wilson, E. Avery, A. Bongart


Women's Seniors v Glen Eira

Twelve months after their last victory, the Women’s side shaped up against Glen Eira in what would become an intense and passionate contest. Playing in the prime twilight time slot, the Women’s side would ultimately fall just short of victory, losing by one singular goal. The Hawks brought the heat, rising to the occasion and creating a gripping contest.

Glen Eira had the jump on the Hawks in the first quarter, managing to put away three goals, which, in the end, would set them up to take the victory. Hawks captain Tessa Bodin was excellent off of half-back, organising the backline and providing line-breaking runs and bone-crunching tackles. After the first ten minutes, the Hawks settled and battled their way into the contest, exercising their strengths; toughness in and around the contest. The Hawks began to win the ball first and were pushing forward, falling just short of scoring goals.

In the second term, the Hawks defence got on top, holding Glen Eira goalless for the term, and this allowed the forwards to capitalise, with key centre-half forward Bree Gill integral, utilising her aerial reach and strength in the marking contest. With much of the ball camped in the Hawks’ forward half, the term became a battle of wills as the Hawks attempted to remedy the early scoreboard damage.

Scores became even tighter in the third term, with tensions between the two sides rising and the contest becoming even more intense. Through the middle, Rachel Urquhart’s experience was integral to ensuring the Hawks were first to the ball, keeping the match even. Emmy Johnson’s skill and iron will off half-back and through the middle was a driving force, combining with the other mids to keep the Hawks pressing forward.

In a tense final term where neither side was able to score a goal, Glen Eira was able to secure a six point victory, despites Hawthorn’s best efforts. Wing Emily Scott rose to the occasion in an effort to drag her team over the line, winning two on one contests and applying significant pressure to the opposition. Both defences stood up in the final minutes of the contest, deflecting goal attempts and creating an arm wrestle.

While the Hawks did not emerge with the four points, the contest was very even, a great sign for a club in a new Division. Head Coach Aaron Miller shared this view, praising the team’s efforts; “We may have lost on the scoreboard, but we did not lose that game,” he told the side, noting that there were things for the side to improve upon to chase victory. After a difficult year for the Women’s side, that elusive win is much needed, and much looked forward to.


0.2 1.3 3.5 3.6 (24)


3.1 3.2 4.4 4.6 (30)

GOALS M. Mathias, J. Firmin, L. Castleden

BEST R. Urquhart, T. Bodin, E. Johnson, E. Scott, B. Gill


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