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2024 Season Preview

Here we are once again. After an arduous off-season (really, the stretch of time with no footy is painful) and a torturous pre-season (for me, at least), it's time to blow out the cobwebs and lace our boots back off. However, while we’ve all been here before, on the eve of round 1, season 2024 is shaping up to be one like no other.


After a stellar year for the men’s program - a top two finish and grand final stint for the Senior side, and an impressive amount of growth and finals berth for the Reserves - the Hawks will field a Thirds side (or, more affectionately, the Dons Reserves). With impressive growth to the Men’s program in the last year, the addition of a third team illustrates the exciting things happening at the Nest. 

Coming off their incredible 2023 season (I’d like to say that I called that, in about Round 4, but who’s checking), the Men’s Senior side will once again be coached by Head Coach Mark “Muzz” Murray. Muzz's intuitive and engaging coaching style played an important role in the team’s 2023 success, and will be integral to the future development of this group and its talent. With players new and established to pull on the brown and gold, and having been promoted from Division 3 to Division 2, the Hawks will face new challenges; new mountains to climb, and new giants to slay. 

“Growth” is the one word that could be used to describe our Men’s Reserves side in 2023. Starting off rocky, the Reserves stabilised themselves to put on an impressive performance in the back end of the season. Ending with a ticket to September, the Reserves went from strength to strength, improving across the board - with teamwork and community vital in the Reserves’ success. Tim Chapman will return to the role of Head Coach, looking to build upon the foundations laid in 2023 with his personal and comprehensive coaching style. Having also been elevated to Division 2, the Hawks will seek to make new moves and reach new heights in 2024.

The Nest is now home to three men’s teams. The impressive growth has been capitalised upon, and an entirely new aspect of the men’s program has been created. The Men’s Thirds side will play in Division 4 - North this year, led by a classic captain-coach in Corey Chenoweth. Beginning one round before the other sides, the Hawks played their first game against Kew last week; ending in a loss, but showing positive signs for a grand new team. Moving into uncharted territory, the Thirds provide the exciting prospect of futures unexplored, and even better, more Hawks footy to watch.


Comparatively, the Women’s Program navigated a lot of tough terrain in 2023. A divisional shift and zero wins meant the Hawks struggled through to the final game of the season. However, spend a minute with the women’s side - at training, after a game, even at the halftime huddle - and you would be forgiven for thinking they’re a top side; that's how high the energy and pure enjoyment of footy is. The Hawks have taken everything, particularly their hardships, in their stride, and put in the hard yards. Chasing a first victory in about twelve months, the Hawks are prepared to do whatever it takes. Steering the ship in 2024 is new Head Coach Aaron Miller, whose hands-on and direct coaching style may just be the missing ingredient to the Hawks’ magic formula.

It all begins...

Season 2024 will kick off with a monster quadruple header on Saturday, April 13. Yes, you read that correctly - all four teams, playing at the Nest to open our season. As the club soars towards an unmapped flight path, I’ll once again advise you to buckle up, and prepare for take-off.


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